Telemedia women win silver at VII Central American Softball Championship

The Belize Telemdia women won the silver medal at the seventh Central American Women’s Softball Championships held at the La Sabana Sports Complex in San Jose, Costa Rica on Sunday, August 12.

The Belize women got off to an encouraging start as pitcher Mary Flowers led them to a 15-2 win over the hosts, Costa Rica, in their opening game at the Daniel Vargas Stadium last Friday morning. Pitcher Kimberly Porras was Costa Rica’s pitcher.

Belize’s second game of the afternoon against Guatemala was rained out and had to be rescheduled for Saturday morning at the Manuel Losilla Stadium, where Guatemala’s pitcher, Laura Rodriguez gave up only two runs, while the “chapinas” scored four runs off the pitching of Belize’s Kenreen Gillett to post their second victory: 4-2 over Belize.

Undaunted by this setback, the Belize girls regrouped and two hours later pitcher Leandra Guy led them to a 6-2 victory over Panama, as the Belize women picked up six hits off the pitching of Panama’s Bleysin Sobenis.

The Belize women posted their third victory 6-4 over Nicaragua at the Daniel Vargas Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The Nicaraguans pounded out four hits off Kenreen Gillett’s pitching, but the Belize women picked up six runs off the pitching of Nicaragua’s Imelda Lopez.

The Belize women suffered no more losses  but  triumphed 8-1 over Honduras at the Manuel Losilla Stadium on Sunday. Belize girls hammered out eight runs off the pitching of Honduras’ Maite Nuñez, while pitcher Mary Flowers gave up only one run.

Belize enjoyed their fifth victory: 11-2 over El Salvador at the Daniel Vargas Stadium on Sunday afternoon. They walloped out 11 hits off Katia Galeas’ pitching, while Belize’s Leandra Guy gave up only two runs.

Guatemala remained undefeated to pick up the gold medal, while Nicaragua won the bronze. Belize’s Leandra Guy won the award for Best Pitcher.

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