Team Garage wins Bros. Habet 1st & 2nd Divisions table tennis championships

The Garage First and Second Division teams both repeated as champions of the Brother Habet Table Tennis Tournament,  organized under the auspices of the Belize Table Tennis Association at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Sunday, November 25.

The Garage team won 5-4 over the Cuz team to win their second consecutive championship. Garage’s Mandy Gomez triumphed 3-0 over  Dan Habet and Jorge Habet 3-0, while Eric Stamp overwhelmed Jorge Espat, Dan Habet and Mishek Martin 3-0 each. Nick Martin  won 3-0 over Mario Guerrero and 3-0 over Mandy Gomez, while Jorge Espat and Dan Habet  each clipped Guerrero 3-0.

The Garage team  also won 5-2 over  Rivero’s Welders in the semifinals as Mandy Gomez spanked Ernesto Rivero 3-1.

Eric Stamp was invincible winning 3-0 victories against Mike Rivero, Ian Mcfield and Ernesto Rivero.  Mario Guerrero stopped Mike Rivero 3-1. Ian Mcfield outlasted Gomez 3-1, and Ernesto Rivero prevailed 3-2 over Guerrero.

Team Cuz advanced to the finals by eliminating the Hurricanes 5-4 in the semifinals.

Nick Martin triumphed 3-0 over David Vernon and Hector Lopez and outlasted Carlos Cui 3-2, while Dan Habet outlasted Lopez 3-2 and Hollis Parham got the better of David Vernon: 3-1.

Hurricanes’ Carlos Cui defeated Dan Habet and Hollis Parham, each 3-0, while Lopez won 3-0 over Parham. Vernon won 3-0 over Dan Habet

The Hurricanes won the consolation match for third place 5-1 over the Rivero’s Welders. Carlos Cui won 3-0 over both Mike Rivero and Ian Mcfield while Lopez won 3-1 over Ernesto Rivero and 3-0 over mike Rivero. David Vernon also triumphed 3-0 over Ernesto and only Ian Mcfield won 3-0 against David Vernon.

The Garage 2nd Division team won their third consecutive championship: 5-4 over the Musa’s Ping Pang team. Roberto Leal spanked Mishek and Yasser Musa each 3-0 while Harold Young triumphed similarly over Mishek and Yasser Musa each: 3-0, and Luis Marin had also won 3-1 over Mishek. Ping pang’s Yasser Musa clipped Luis Marin 3-1, while Billy Musa Jr won 3-0 each over Young, Marin and Leal.

The Garage team had advance to the finals by a 5-2 victory over the Bismark team in the semifinals. Harold Young won 3-0 over Marion Usher, Aaron Stock stopped Aaron Stock 3-1 while Roberto Leal outlasted Sock 3-2 and won 3-1 over Marion Usher and clipped Mosses Babb 3-0. Babb had won 3-1 each over Young and Stock.

The Ping Pang team also advanced to the finals by a 5-1 win over Tallawah in the semifinals. Yasser Musa spanked Gian Lisbey 3-1 and clipped Robert Peyrefitte 3-1, while Billy Musa dominated 3-1 over Harim and 3-0 over Lisbey and Peyrefitte. Peyrefitte had won 3-0 over Mishek Musa, while Ochaeta outlasted Mishek 3-2.

The Bismark team won the consolation match for third place 5-2 over the Tallawah team. Moses Babb triumphed 3-0 over Robert Peyrefitte and 3-0 over Gian Lisbey while Aaron Stock spanked Lisbey 3-0 and outlasted Harim Ochaeta 3-2 and Matthew Usher won 3-1 over Peyrefitte. Ochaeta had won 3-0 over Babb, while Peyrefitte had spanked Matthew Usher 3-0.

Bros. Habet marketing manager Carlo Habet was on hand to present the championship, second, third and fourth place trophies to the winners and  finalists, and Minister of State Hon. Herman Longsworth, with responsibility for sports, was also present and expressed his satisfaction to see how well organized table tennis was in Belize.

He assured all that he would be working with Mr. Owen “Sonny” Meighan of the National Olympic Committee to find a permanent home for table tennis in Belize.

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