Team Belize wins 1st annual Taiwan National Day Double-10 basketball tournament

Team Belize won the first annual Taiwan Double-10 National Day Basketball Tournament held at Belize Elementary School auditorium in Belize City on Sunday, October 21.

The tournament was organized as part of the Belize-Taiwanese community activities celebrating Taiwan’s national day on October 10.

Team Belize triumphed 45-35 over the Chinese team in the finals. Devon Defour led Team Belize with 12 pts while Clive Reyes and Keron Reyes each added six points, Keron ramming home a monster dunk and the Belize boys were up 31-14 at intermission.

The Chinese team was  without its star point guard Michael Guan, who had to leave to catch a bus back home. So Ming led with 10 pts, Christopher Cheng and William Quan grabbed rebounds and played defense. Chinta Liu added two baskets, as the Taiwan boys tried for a comeback in the second half.

But the Belize team cruised to a 45-35 win;.Arden Pou added eight points and Winston Francis tossed in four more.

The Chinese  team had advanced to the finals in a surprise 40-33 upset of the top-seeded Cayo team, which  had entered the semifinals undefeated with two victories, while the Chinese team had one win and one loss.

Michael Guan led the  Taiwan side with 22 pts. While Allan Huang drained in a 3-pointer, Christopher Zheng  and Ming each chipped in two points and William Quan scored a free throw to give  the Taiwan team Chinese a 21-13  lead at intermission.

Simeon Simpson led the Cayo boys with eight points, while Kevin Simpson added six points, while Justin Ortega and Godwin Sutherland each scored two.

The Belize team also advanced to the finals by a 35-33 win over second-seeded Taiwan Belize Seniors. Keron Reyes led the Belize boys with 14 pts, but Rei Lee scored six points to give the Taiwan men a 16-14 lead, and with a basket from Tony Liu in heavy traffic and a free throw, the Taiwan men led 20-15 at intermission.

Devon Defour added 11 pts for the Belize team while Clive Reyes added six points. Randall MacFadzean scored a basket and Arden Pou added a free throw to secure the 35-33 win. Rei Lee scored six points more in the second half to finish with 12 pts, while Tony Liu had five.

Bob Chang hit two jump shots for four points, also dishing out a number of assists. Aries Lin tossed in a basket on a fast break, while Andy Lin scored two from the charity stripe and David Ying added a free throw.

The Belize team worked to recover from its 34-37 loss to the Cayo men to triumph 51-46 over Taiwan Belize Seniors in the fifth game of the day, to advance to the semi-finals as the third-ranked seed.

Clive Reyes led with 10 pts, Devon Defour added six more and Brandon Rogers had five as they led 21-19 at intermission. Keron Reyes added four points and pulled down a lot of rebounds, while Randall MacFadzean and Arden Pou tossed in a basket each.

Andy Lin led Taiwan Belize Seniors with 16 pts, David Ying added four points, Tony Liu and Aries Lin each added three points and Rei Lee scored a jump shot.

The Chinese team had recovered from a 38-52  loss to the Taiwan Seniors in the second game of the day to hand the Team Youth their second loss in the fourth game.

The Chinese team advanced as the fourth ranked seed by a 37-21 win. Michael Guan led with 13 pts. Ming added eight points, Allan Huang hit a 3-pointer  adding seven points, while William Quan drained in two 3-pointers to lead 19-6 at intermission.

Nick Chang led the Youth team with eight points, Inaru Enriquez tossed in six, Chia Chen chipped in with four and Jonathan Tseng added one basket  for 2 pts. The Youth Team had also lost 40-48 to the Cayo men in the opening game of the tournament.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, His Excellency. David C. Wu was on hand to present the first prize and medals to the winners and second prize to the second placed Taiwan team.

Sponsors for the event included Belize City Councillor Alex Chang of Fen Lan Motors, who is also Junior Commissioner on the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, Lee Mark Chang of Chon Saan Palace, Golden Tree, Milkyway Restaurant, Global Village Hotel, Diane’s Dress Design, Eye Candy, Netking, Corozal Free Zone (CFZ) Chairman David Akierman, Jose Romero and several CFZ businesses including Belmex, Feliz, Joey’s Restaurant, B&C Co. Ltd., and the Sol Fashion Group.

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