St. John’s College boys lead High School Volleyball

The undefeated boys of St John’s College,  defending Belize City High School Volleyball Champions, entered as the top-ranked seed with five victories to the playoffs of the competition organized by the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association.

The St John’s College boys took on the fourth ranked seed, the boys of Ladyville Technical High School, when the playoffs began at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Tuesday evening, October 30. The Ladyville boys won the first set 25-23, but the SJC boys won the next three sets 25-10, 25-23, and 25-10.

The SJC boys enjoyed their fourth consecutive victory over the Anglican Cathedral College boys at the St John’s College gymnasium on Saturday, October 27. With team captain Harold Nava setting the ball for Zachary Garbutt, Andrew Vasquez and Perry Diaz to hammer kills at the net, and Raymond Gillett and Raheem Flowers receiving and serving. SJC  boys won the first set 25-16. 

Rene Flowers led the ACC counterattacks, with Edgar Lopez and Marco Soler blocking at the net, and Jose George, Grayson Cadle and Kyle Elliott receiving and keeping the ball in play, but Philip Codd relieved Gillett in SJC’s attack formation, while their libero, Dimitri Fabro, rotated into the game whenever SJC lost the serve. Mishek Musa replaced Nava and served up aces, while Malique Tillett and Einer Marin replaced Vasquez and Garbutt.

ACC’s Tristan Alvarez and Joshua Fuller took the court in the second set, to be later replaced by Soler and Cadle, and Tyreck Flowers replaced Rene Flowers; but the SJC boys dominated the second set 25-9.

The SJC boys posted their fifth win as they handed the boys of Maud Williams High School their fourth loss 25-12, 25-21 also on Saturday.

SJC boys had dominated the boys of Sadie Vernon Technical High School 25-6, 25-17 in their debut match and crushed the winless boys of Wesley College, 25-12 and 25-5. They also had no trouble with the Ladyville Technical boys, winning 25-13 and 25-16 in their third outing.

The ACC boys recovered from their loss to post their third win.

The Sadie Vernon Technical High School boys posted their fourth victory over the boys of Maud Williams High School, to enter the playoffs as the second ranked seed. They take on the ACC boys when the playoffs continue at the BES auditorium on Wednesday.

Dion Roches, Kadeem Olivera and Philip Ciego led the offensive with the help of Michael Saldano, Deandre Adophus and George Torres receiving and serving to win the first set 25-22.

Cleon Banner led the Maud Wiliams attacks with  help from Keshawn Gallego and Renaido Bruhier while Marion Avila, Alister Reyes and Merhdad Neal received and set the ball, and Amir Ramos and Jehvon Ramclam replaced Avila and Reyes as they toughed it out to win the second set 26-24.

But the Maud Williams boys had shot their bolt. The Sadie Vernon boys dominated the third set 15-6. Sadie Vernon boys had also recovered from a deficit 24-26, to outlast the ACC boys 25-16 and 15-7 in their debut match. They went on to crush Wesley College boys 25-14 , 25-13 and also prevailed 25-13, 25-16 in their third outing.

The ACC boys recovered from their loss to post their third win: 25-13, 25-23 over the Ladyville Technical boys in Saturday’s fifth and final game of the regular competition.

ACC boys had also posted their first win 25-19, 25-13 over the Wesley College boys and took out the Maud Williams boys 25-20, 25-20 in their second outing.

It was the Ladyville boys’ third loss. They  only enjoyed their second victory over the Wesley College boys earlier that morning. Brian Martinez, Nathaniel Sedacey and Sarkis Flowers led the attacks hammering kills at the net, while Tevin Bernardez, Ashley Henry and Tyrone Parchue received and set the ball to win the first set 25-16. Terique Canto, Keeron Young and Lyndon Armstrong led the Wesley defense with the help of Myrick Carballo, Jason Arnold and Tyrell Metskin, but the Ladyville boys prevailed 25-12 in the second set.

The Maud Williams boys are now out of the playoffs.

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