St Catherine’s Academy girls lead in Basketball

The defending national high schools basketball champions, the girls of St Catherine’s Academy are dominating the Belize City high schools basketball competition organized by the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association, which continued at Bird’s Isle in Belize City on Saturday, November 17.

It was double your pleasure, double your score for the St Catherine’s girls, as Indie Dixon led them in a 34-17 romp over the girls of Pallotti High School on Saturday. Dixon shot a game high of 14 pts., leading 15-13 at intermission. Sharoni Chen scored a 3-pointer as she and Gloria Serano led the Pallotti girls with six points each, but the SCA girls’ defense effectively shut down Pallotti in the second half. SCA’s team captain Chelsi Noralez and Gilda Estrada each added six points, while Halle Spencer tossed in four, Briana Jex chipped in three and Tyra Moriera scored a free throw.

Megan Longsworth scored four points for Pallotti, and Shakira Guerra scored from the charity strip.

The SCA girls also dominated the girls of Gwen Lizarraga High School: 37-16 in their debut on Wednesday. Gilda Estrada shot a game high of 21 pts as she led the SCA girls to a 16-7 lead in the first half. Indie Dixon added 11 pts while Chelsi Noralez and Tyra Moriera added a basket each. Ann Chen Ma led Gwen Liz with 10 pts, while Shaneen Flowers added six.

The Pallotti girls had no better luck when they took on the girls of Wesley College in the opening game of the tournament. Genae Samuel led Wesley with 16 pts as the Wesley girls led 16-5 at intermission. Shanice Humes added eight points, Kristy Terry tossed in six, and Breanna Meighan and Shanice Neal each scored a basket for Wesley’s 34-21 win.

Sharoni Chen hit three 3-pointers as she led the Pallotti girls with 12 pts, while Courtney Palacio also drained in a 3-pointer, Gloria Serano added four points and Megan Longsworth scored a basket.

The Wesley girls had a tougher time with the Gwen Liz girls, before they  prevailed 17-15 on Saturday morning. Shanice Humes led Wesley with nine points as they led 11-4 at intermission. Genae Samuels and Shanice Neal each added three points, and Kristy Terry hit a free throw for Wesley.

Ann Ma scored nine points, as she led the Gwen Liz girls’ counterattack. Shaneen Flowers added three points, while Keke Requeña and Tameika Smith each scored a free throw to almost tie the ball game.

The Pallotti girls did no better when took on the Gwen Liz girls on Tuesday. The Gwen Lizarraga High School girls enjoyed their first win: 41-14.

Ann Chen Ma led Gwen Liz with 12 pts and Shaneen Flowers drained in a long 3-pointer to add 10 pts for Gwen Liz to lead 25-5 at intermission.

Keke Requeña also hit a long 3-pointer, Tameika Smith added 6 pts while Rayna Gentle, Monique Bailey and Kenave Parks each scored a basket for the blowout win. Megan Longsworth led the Pallotti girls with 10 pts, while Sharoni Chen and Gloria Serano each scored a basket.

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