Scotiabank & Atlantic Bank win in Interoffice volleyball

Atlantic Bank, Scotiabank and Belize Telemedia enjoyed victories in the Belize City Interoffice Competition organized by the Belize District Volleyball Association  at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium over the weekend.

The Simon Quan Black Stars got some payback in their two- set victory over the Honeybees in Junior Female Volleyball Competition on Sunday afternoon, August 26. Stars’ Nyala Tun, Nandi Woods, Mia Miles and Alexis Burns  hammered hits at the net on balls set by Alexandra Smith and Lediri Betson to reach 24-23 in the first set. Honeybees’ Merissa Williams, Leila Hernandez, Jenna Peck and Moesha Shaw counterattacked furiously spiking the Stars on balls set by Rebecca Price and Maria Contreras, but the Stars’  good defense forced the Honeybees into errors and the Stars won the first set 29-27.

Honeybees’ Leah Waight reinforced the attacks  while the Kayla Burrowes came off the Stars’ bench to reinforce their play to  dominate the second set 25-19.

The Moen Stars also had to go to extra points to win in their first set against the Honeybees: 26-24 on Saturday night. Kim Williams and Judy Hoare led the attack with  help from  Tiffany Panton and Karen Hyde, hammering kills at the net on balls set by Marilyn Garvin and Roxanni Rodriguez.

Honeybees’ Merissa Williams, Leila Hernandez, Jenna Peck and Leah Waight gave as good as they got, with Moesha Shaw and Rebecca Price receiving and setting the ball. Maria Contreras and Shanice Humes relieved Waight and Shaw in the second set, but the Moen Stars also refreshed their defense with Deanne Robinson replacing Williams, while Yemeri Reyes took over from Karen Hyde and Maria Smith took the court for Marilyn Garvin, and they also prevailed in the second set 25-22.

Undefeated Telemedia Digicell made short work of Brodies Milo in two sets on Saturday night. Adrian Mahler, Otis Clother, Eros Dawson and Brandon Lopez hammered home kills at the net, while Emily Turner and Shanti Roches served and set the ball for attacks at the net to win the first set 25-14.

Adrian Garcia led the Brodies Milo counterattack with the help of Albert Kisling, Jason Jenkins and Felix Martinez, hammering kills a the net on balls set by Adelita Gillett and Vianne Vasquez, who also received and kept the ball in play.

Kenroy Williams  relieved Jenkins, while Gilbert Rhys took the court in the second set, but Telemedia’s Jason Lamb and Chaka X replaced Mahler and Lopez to win the second set 25-16.

Atlantic Bank  enjoyed a two set victory over the Heritage Bank on Saturday night for  Heritage’s third loss. Keith James and Michael Gomez led the Atlantic Bank attacks with  help from Boisrand Panton and Melissa Vanzie, spiking home kills at the net on plays set by Tanesha Encalada and Ron Balan, with effective blocking at the net to win the first set 25-14.

Victor Hernandez and Albert Charlesworth led the Heritage counterattack with the help of Jamie Black and Melvin Thompson, scoring kills on plays set by Luisa Swasey and Shaneeka Gill.

Devon Defour relieved Gill, while Albert Coye took over from Jamie Black in the second set, but Atlantic Bank also refreshed its defense with Francisco Sanker relieving Encalada to win the second set 25-11.

The Atlantic Bank crew did not do as well against Scotiabank on Sunday morning. They started out brightly enough in the first set; as Keith James and Francisco Sanker led their starting lineup supported by Michael Gomez and Ron Balan and with Encalada and Vanzie receiving and setting the plays, they took the set 25-20.

Scotiabank, stung into action by this insult, counterattacked furiously with Oscar Salazar, Oscar Arnold, Michael Barber and George Jones scoring hits at the net on plays set by Natalie Hulse and Erica Grant to win the second set 25-15, Michael Hernandez relieved Barber and they prevailed in the third set 15-13.

The Croshers crushed the UK Royals in two sets when the junior male competition continued on Saturday night. Avery Gordon and Roman Debride led the attack with the help of Russel Staine and Patrick Swasey hammering kills at the net on plays set by Alayne Williams and Justin Flowers to win he first set 25-21.

Jareid Tillett, Wayne Lambey and Shaquille Clother led the Royals’ counterattack on plays set by Keiron Zuniga who also received and dug up saves.

Kadeem Courtenay came off the Croshers’ bench briefly soon to be replaced by Justin Flowers, to  dominate the second set 25-18.

The UK Hitters did somewhat better when they took on the SQ Dragons on Sunday morning. Giovanni Jefferies, Zachary Garbutt, Raheem Flowers and Richard Vasquez led the Dragons’ attack hammering kills on plays set by Alex Quan and Andrew Vasquez to dominate the first set 25-13, with Cody Kuylen rotating into the game for Quan.

The UK hitters counterattacked in the second set with Jermaine Madrill, Eyan Rene, Brandon Lopez and Calbert Jefferies hammering kills and the net on plays set by Francis Canto and Aaron Stevens and  took the second set 25-22. Otis Clother relieved Lopez to help win the third set 18-16.






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