Sadie Vernon boys win 2 in CODICADER basketball

The boys of Sadie Vernon Technical High School, silver medallists at the 2011 CODICADER Games in El Salvador, enjoyed consecutive  wins  in basketball at the XVII Central American Junior Scholastic (CODICADER) Games hosted by Guatemala at the Quetzaltenango Sports Complex from August 26 to September 8.

The Sadie Vernon Tech boys won 95-81 over Honduras on Wednesday September 4-5. Bryan White played big defence snagging the rebounds to score 31pts but Belize trailed 19-20 at the end of the first quarter.

The Sadie Vernon boys took over the game in the second quarter as Roderick Williams rammed home a monster dunk tand scored 18pts and Douglas Valley added 17pts ato lead 44-41 at intermission.

With Tyrell Ramclam adding 9pts and 13 boards, and Zachary Usher putting up 6pts and snagging seven boards, the Sadie Vernon boys led 66-58 by the end of the third quarter. Then Sadie Vernon opened up a 10-pt. lead in the last quarter with Lincey Lopez scoring 7pts and grabbing two rebounds, while Albert Longsworth added 3pts and Rony Morris – four for the 95-81 win.

The Sadie Vernon boys came out cold in their opening game, but prevailed 65-63 over Costa Rica on Tuesday. Again Bryan White led with 20pts and 13 boards, but the score was tied 22-22 at the end of the first quarter. Roderick Williams scored 20pts and Lincey Lopez added 9pts as Belize forged ahead 33-31 at intermission.

Costa Rica’s Jimmy Leon also scored 17pts, Ricardo Zuniga and Carlos Miranda assisted with 10pts each and Jose Esquivel added 12 pts as the Costa Ricans regained the led 52-50 by the end of the third quarter.

Albert Longsworth added 6pts, Jamall Augustine tossed in four and Zachary Usher also scored four points, including the winning basket when he recovered a rebound and put it back, to put Belize over the top 65-63 at the final buzzer.

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