Roger Troyer & Shalini Zabaneh win 2012 Lionman triathlon

Cycling enthusiasts Roger Troyer and Shalini Zabaneh won elite and female categories of the 23rd Lionman Triathlon held beside Sandlighters Promenade in Belize City on Sunday morning, September 2.

Troyer clocked two hours 23 minutes and 46 seconds to win the 4200 first prize as well as a weekend stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek , three cases of Guinness Stout, two cases of soft drinks from Bowen & Bowen Ltd, and a package of Seven Seas tablets from San Cas Ltd.

Troyer’s girlfriend Shalini Zabaneh was sixth overall in two hours 32 minutes and 25 seconds, good enough to win the $200 first prize in the women’s  category, plus three cases of Smirn off and two cases of soft drinks from Bowen & Bowen

Three time Lionman champion, Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden was second in two hours 26 minutes and five seconds to win two case of Guinness Stout and two cases of soft drinks from Bowen & Bowen Ltd, and a weekend stay at Windy Hill Lodge.

Troyer’s former Western spirits cycling teammate, Shane Vasquez, the 2006 Cross Country cycling champion, was third in two hours 29 minutes and 49 seconds to win a $100 prize, a case of Guinness Stout and a case of soft drinks from Bowen & Bowen Ltd.

Kerah Eiley was the second woman to finish, in two hours 57 minutes and 52 seconds to win a weekend’s stay at San Ignacio Hotel, two cases of Smirn off and two cases of soft drinks from Bowen & Bowen Ltd. Kaya Cattouse was third in three hours one minute and two seconds.

Jim Scott finished third overall in two hours 28 minutes and 12.8 seconds to win first prize in the Masters Category: three cases of Guinness Stout from Bowen & Bowen Ltd.

Former Lionman champion Glen Jones was the second  in the Masters in two hours 48 minutes and 21 seconds to win two cases of Guinness Stout. Simeon Gladden, the third among the  Masters to complete the race  in two hours 52 minutes and 44 seconds won  a case of Guinness Stout.

Eric Donis, the first swimmer out of the water, won in  the junior category in two hours 43 minutes and 59 seconds, while Richard Santiago was the second junior in three hours 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

Kent Gabourel was the fourth elite, in two hours 35 minutes, 16 seconds. Jason Puerto was the fifth elite in two hours 38 minutes and 32 seconds, while Luigi Urbina was sixth in two hours 39 minutes. David Pollard was seventh in two hours 39 minutes five seconds, Carl Borland was eight in two hors 39 minutes and 10 seconds and Rigoberto Rivas was ninth in two hours 39 minutes and 33 seconds. Dwight Alford was 10th in two hours 43 minutes.

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