Roaring Creek & Belmopan Emeralds win in Cayo softball

s1Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy and the Capital City Emeralds of Belmopans enjoyed victories when the Miley Garcia Softball Competition continued under the auspices of the Cayo Softball Association in Blackman Eddy  Village on Sunday, July 21.

Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy walloped a 15-4 win by mercy rule over the Ontario Rebels in the second game of the afternoon.

Myralee Ho and Stephanie Francis gaveGrace Kennedy a 2-0 lead when they scored in the top of the first inning, but Rebels’ pitcher Indira Ireland and Kenreen Gillett soon tied the score in the bottom of the first.

Grace Kennedy’s pitcher Leyandra Guy struck out one batter and walked two, but she gave up no runs in the second inning, while they opened up a 10-2 lead as centerfielder Tanya Davis, Myralee Ho and Francis all scored when Greta Davis hit a grand slam with the bases loaded. Shadalee Ho, Karlee Bradley  and Joyce Galves and the pitcher’s twin sister, Lisandra Guy, also scored in the top of the second.

Myralee scored again in the top of the third as the Rebels tried vainly to catch up when Trecia Gardiner and Ireland came home  in the bottom of the third.

The Grace Kennedy girls would get 13 hits off Ireland’s pitching, and  exploit  the six errors made by Rebel outfielders but left three runners on base.

Guy shut out the Rebels in the next two innings, while Myralee, Francis, Greta and Shadalee scored again in the top of the fifth. The game was called when the Rebels failed to score in the bottom of the fifth.

The Rebels had collected five hits off Guy’s pitching but they left four runners on base, even though Grace Kennedy made five errors.

The first game had been a back match, the last game of the competition for both Capital City Emeralds and the Las Flores Shooting Stars, which had yet to win a game. Both teams were out of the playoffs, but the Las Flores girls went down fighting.

The Emeralds walloped 18 hits off Guadalupe Chicas, who also struck out one batter and walked one. The Emeralds led 9-0 as Paulette Flowers and Dominga Tut crossed the plate twice in the top of the first inning, while Darlene Clarke, pitcher Dana Mae King, Maud Blancaneaux, Felicia Gillett and Trecia Gillett also scored in the first inning.

Blancaneaux and Gillett scored again in the top of the second inning, while Antonia Cawich scored Las Flores’ first run in the bottom of the second. The Las Flores ladies would collect 12 hits off King’s pitching, and  left six runners on base.

The Las Flores’ defense gave up no runs in the top of the third, but the Emeralds led 11-3, when only Griselda Ortiz and Arlenie Pastrana scored in the bottom of the third. King walked two batters and the Emerald players committed two errors.But Emeralds extended their lead to 14-3 when Flowers, Shadona King and Clarke scored in the top of the fourth.

Las Flores tried to catch up as Ortiz, Pastrana, Chicas, Regina Sho, Marilu Hernandez and Alicia Leslie scored in the bottom of the fourth but trailed  9-14.

Flowers and the two Gillett’s extended the Emeralds’ lead to 17-9 in the top of the fifth and the game was called when Las Flores failed to score in the sixth inning. The Emeralds left eight runners on base, but Las Flores committed 11 errors.

The playoffs begin at the Dembigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote on Sunday, July 28, when the Ontario Rebels will challenge Esperanza Wolverines and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy will take on Camalote United.

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