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Rawell Pelayo resigns from FFB

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Rawell Pelayo, the disgraced Second Vice President of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), who
was deported from the US after having served time for admitting to orchestrate a drug transaction on American soil, resignation last Friday after he was given two deadlines to do so.  His resignation came the same day the second deadline would have expired.  

President of the FFB, Rupert Vicente, told The Reporter on Thursday that the FFB had planned to table Pelayo’s expulsion at its congress on April 11th, but that at a caucus held the night before, a member of the executive informed them that Pelayo would have tendered his resignation at the congress.  At that juncture, the FFB removed the matter from the congress’ agenda, but Pelayo, who was not invited to the event, did not show up to tender his resignation.  Vicente said the FFB gave Pelayo until the Monday following the congress to hand in his letter of resignation.  That deadline expired and he was given until last week Friday, when he finally did so.

Vicente said that with the resignation, Pelayo is no longer a member of the FFB executive and can no longer act in such a capacity.  The executive, he said, will meet later this month to shortlist the names of potential

Pelayo, a businessman from Orange Walk Town, pleaded guilty in June of 2014 to conspiracy to commit drug trafficking during a visit to the US, was convicted in absentia, and was subsequently detained upon his entry again into the US in July of 2013 when he accompanied the Jaguars National Football against a FIFA qualifying match against the US team.

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