Placencia Assassins lead Premier League football

Undefeated Placencia Assassins continue to lead the 2012 Premier Football League of Belize competition, posting their fourth victory: 3-0 over San Ignacio United at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Saturday night.

The home eleven held the visitors scoreless up to intermission, and for much of the second half of play, Only 16 minute of regulation remained when Ashley Torres struck the winning goal for the Assassins. Fiver minutes of play still remained when Luis Torres made doubly sure of the victory with a second goal . Ashley Torres put the game on ice with a third goal in the last minutes of play.

Hankook Verdes of Benque Viejo del Carmen also enjoyed its second win in a 3-0 blast off the Raymond Gentle City Boys at the M.C.C. Grounds on Sunday.

Julian Maldonado and Miguel Aguilar led the offensive, supported Humberto Requeña and Walter Chinchilla on the wings and Shamir Pacheco and Leobardo Maldonado at midfield.

Delroy “Thinman” Andrews, Gilroy “Bredda’ Thurton and Dalton “Chicken” Cayetano led a three-pronged city offensive supported by Jason “Paxon” Young, David “Dav” MaCauley and Anthony Williams at midfield but they made little impression on the Verdes’ defense anchored by Julio Ayala with the help of Pedro Guerra, Emmanuel Martinez and Everald Trapp.

City Boys’ defenders Shawn Thurton, Mark Grant, Nigel Franklin and Merlyn Diaz held the visitors in check for most of first half, which was into its closing minutes when Humberto Requeña’s forward pass from the right sideline found Miguel Aguilar who drilled the shot past goalkeeper Ejoil Burgess to give Verdes a 1-0 lead going into intermission.

City Boys’ Whitfield Patnett replaced Anthony Williams in the second half as Coach Pollard sought to regain the initiative, but  Verdes also introduced veteran John Trapp to relived Walter Chinchilla. The visitors held a football clinic for the city eleven as they worked the ball up the flank and centered into the goal area for shots that forced Burgess to come up with some good  saves.

Burgess’ luck held as Verdes also had some near misses. Julian Maldonado escaped the defense on one such blitzkrieg attack, and Burgess came out to meet his charge, only to be beaten by Maldonado who tapped the ball to bounce into the empty goal some 22 minutes into the second half.

Simeon Alvarez relived Cayetano at midfield, but the City Boys’ growing frustration at being beaten  at every turn manifested itself in Gilroy Thurton’s being ejected from the game with a red card after a hard tackle that brought down Humberto Requeña.

Miguel Aguilar set table for Maldonado to do it again five minutes later, for a third goal to complete the rout.

Cano and Jose Monroy replaced Maldonado and Requeña, and Verdes locked up shop to secure the 3-0 win. and Kareem Flowers’ late substitution for Shawn Thurton did not impact the scoreboard.

Elsewhere in the league, the Belmopan Bandits bombed the San Pedro Sea Dogs 2-0 at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday night. The visitors made little impression on  the Belmopan defence in the first half and only 15 minutes of regulation remained in the second half when Woodrow West scored the first goal for the Bandits. Denmark Case added a second goal five minutes before the long whistle.

Michael Whittaker scored two goals to give Juventus its first victory in four outings; 2-0 over winless San Felipe Barcelona on the village squad’s home turf in San Felipe.

Undefeated FC Belize upset the up- to- now undefeated Belize Defence Force 2-1  at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Sunday afternoon.

Lisbey Castillo scored a consolation goal for the BDF, but John King scored the winning goal for FC Belize.

Danny Jimenez struck  the winning goal to give  Police a 1-0 victory over the Paradise Freedom Fighters at the Football Federation’s stadium in Belmopan on Sunday.

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