Nazarene & St John College boys lead high schools softball

WIlliam Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter

The boys of Nazarene High School and St John’s College are leading the Belize City high school softball competition and will face off against each other when the playoffs under the Paige system begin at the Rogers Stadium in Belize City on Monday, March 3.
The boys of Wesley College and Gwen Lizarraga High School and are the third and fourth ranked seeds in the playoffs and will face off when the playoffs continue on Tuesday, March 4.
The undefeated Nazarene boys enjoyed six wins: 13-3 over the Gwen Liz on Saturday, February 22. Pitcher Jerome Carr struck out 10 batters and shut out the Gwen Liz boys for the first three innings; while Christian Hernandez scored in the top of the first inning, Latrell Gabourel scored in the top of the second, and Jerry Cassasola and Karl Bodden scored in the top of the third. Carr, Bruce Hilton and Cassasola scored in the top of the fourth to lead 7-0, but Carr also gave up two hits and walked six batters while allowing Raheem Trumbach, Devontea Middleton and Aaron Martinez to score for Gwen Liz in the bottom of the fourth.
The Gwen Liz boys went on to win 13-3, when Hernandez, Hilton, Cassasola, Bodden Frederick Louriano and Hansel Petillo scored in the fifth. The Nazarene boys got eight hits off Middleton’s pitching. He also walked 16 batters, striking out three.
The St John’s College boys enter the playoffs with five victories, getting the easy bye to their fourth win when the boys of Anglican Cathedral College failed to show up for their game last Tuesday, February 25.
Pitcher Dylan Snaggs also led the St John’s boys to a 10-8 win over the boys of Ladyville Technical High School last Thursday. Christopher Majarrez and Richard Khatwani led the St John’s attack scoring two runs each.
The Wesley College boys advanced to the playoffs as the third ranked seed with three wins, despite a 21-17 loss to Excelsior High School last Wednesday.
Wesley’s starting pitcher, Devon Tillett got out of the first inning without giving up any runs; while Keeron Young and James Morris rounded the bases twice in the bottom of the first and Shendon Linares. Shareif Thomas, Charles Sutherland, Tillett, Tarique Myvett and Adler Smith also scored, when Rasheed Williams hit a home run to lead 11-0.
Tillett’s pitching collapsed in the top of the second and the Excelsior boys scored 21 runs, with Jeremy Bernard, George Augustine and Michael Bowen rounding the bases three times, while Eric Thompson, Kenroy Banks, Dinsdale Flowers, Iver Olivas, Jordan Courtenay, and pitcher Adolphus Pavon scored twice.
The Wesley boys tried to get back in the game, but they trailed 15-21.

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