Moen Stars & Rebels enter volleyball playoffs

The Moen Stars and the Rebels men both won through to the championship finals at the Belize Elementary School auditorium last Thursday and Saturday.

They will challenge defending champions Lady Jaguars and the Jaguar men, each by winning the playoffs series of the Belize District Volleyball Association’s Division 1 tournament The Moen Stars have dominated the third ranked SQ Stars in three sets in both matches. Shelmadine Cacho and Sherlene Johnson led their attacks, with the help of Tahera Ahmad and Precelia Hoare, while Kayla Dawson and Emma Hoare blocked, received and set the ball to win the first set 25-8.

Sherika Burton, Jahshema Saunders, and Leandra Betson led the counterattack aided by Brianny Staine and Clara Sabal blocking and receiving, and Xiomara Quan setting the ball for them to hammer a kill.

Krystal and Krystie Bevans took the court in the second set and the SQ Stars won many rallies, before the Moen Stars won 25-18. Nayala Tun reinforced the SQ Star’s defense in the third set, but the Moen women prevailed 25-18.

Marika Zuniga and Kelsey Balderamos joined the Moen Stars’ starting lineup on Saturday night, while the Bevans sisters were   part of the SQ Stars’ starting six. Again the Moen Women dominated 25-11 in the first set. Karina Bernard and Xiomara Quan reinforced the SQ Stars in the second set, which they almost won, but Melissa Ramirez and Vivianni Avila took the court to help  Moen win 25-21.

Kayla Dawson replaced Kelsey Balderamos for the start of the third set, but Kelsey and Melissa soon entered the fray to relieve Emma and Precelia Hoare, and they dominated the third set 25-6.

The Rebels eliminated  defending national champions, the Scorpions, in four sets in both matches, to challenge the Jaguar men in the finals. Orel Leslie, Tariq Campbell, Elton Moore and Jason Cabral led the Rebel  offensive, hammering kills at the net on plays set by Kleon Coleman and Kahlid Encalada. Coleman got in his share of hits, while Encalada sometimes tricked the ball over the net for the Rebels to take the first two sets 25-23 and 25-22.

Germaine Audinett, Arvid Arnold , Ian and Jamal Galvez led the Scorpions’ counterattacks, hammering home points on plays set by Oscar Arnold and Anwar Zetina to win the third set 25-20.  But Elton Anderson and Victor Hernandez reinforced the Rebels to win the fourth set 25-19.

The Scorpions tried for a comeback in the second playoff match on Saturday, and indeed with the help of Anthony Wagner hitting at the net, they won the first set 25-22. But the Rebels would have none of it, they  went  to extra  points to win the second set 26-24 and they dominated the next two sets 25-14 and 25-23 to secure their berth in the finals.

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