Louisiana Gov’t School girls win national basketball championship

SPORTSThe girls of Louisiana Government School in Orange Walk Town  have won the National Primary Schools Basketball Championships organized by the National Sports Council at Bird’s Isle in Belize City on Friday, May 24.

The Louisiana girls crushed the Belize district champions, the girls of Holy Redeemer RC School, 22-13 in the finals.

Siriann Chi scored Orange Walk’s first two baskets, MVP Yasel Sutherland added eight points as they led Holy Redeemer 12-2 at intermission.

Zaria Jenkins led Holy Redeemer’s counterattack with seven points in the second half, while Diana Elijio and Felicia Arzu added a basket each. But Aaliya Leiva scored four points and Zeita Catzim and Jannil Dominguez added a basket each for the 22-13 win.

The Louisiana girls advanced to the finals by eliminating the Corozal district champions, the girls of Libertad Methodist School, 22-13 in the semifinals. Zelita Catzim and Yasel Sutherland each scored eight points in the first half to lead 16-6 at intermission. a Only Tamira Nunez had scored six points for Corozal.

Eloisa Moreno, Nyesha Hyde and Kelsy Velasquez each scored a basket for Louisiana in the second half, even as Corozal’s Briana Johnson scored four points and Saira Lopez added a basket.

Zaria Jenkins drained in a long 3-pointer as she led the Holy Redeemer girls with 15 pts in their 19-14 victory, eliminating the Stann Creek district champions, the girls of Holy Family School from Hopkins in the semifinals.

Felicia Arzu added one basket, while Sharette Requeña led the Holy Family girls with 10 pts and Rushell Ramos and Shameika Peters scored a basket each.

The Holy Family girls blew away the Corozal girls 25-3 in the consolation game for third place. Sharette Requeña led with 11pts as they led 17-3 at intermission, and Shameika Peters added 10pts. Rushelle Ramos and Odajah Casimiro added a basket each. Tamira Nunez hit a single 3-pointer for Corozal.

The Louisiana girls also triumphed 18-4 over the Holy Family girls in their debut in the fourth game of the morning. Odajah Casimiro scored all six points for Holy Family, while Yasel Sutherland led the Louisiana girls with nine points, Kelsy Velasquez added four, Jannil Dominguez added a basket and Zelita Catzim added a free throw.

The Louisiana girls enjoyed their second victory: 15-4 over the Toledo district champions, the girls of St. Peter Claver RC School of Punta Gorda Town, in the sixth game of the day. Yasel led with eight points while Zelita Catzim, Nyesha Hyde and Jannil Dominguez added a basket each. Normalee Gomez scored all six points for Toledo.

The Holy Redeemer girls advanced to the semifinals undefeated in a 23-3 romp over the Corozal girls in the third game of the morning and a 20-4 blowout of the Cayo district champions, the girls of Bishop Martin RC School of San Ignacio, in the fifth game.

Zarian Jenkins had led the Holy Redeemer girls with nine points, Diana Elijio added eight and Felicia Arzu had six points in the 23-2 win. Briana Johnson scored a single basket for Corozal and Franzine Sho added a free throw.

Zaria Jenkins led Holy Redeemer with 18 pts in their 20-4 win over the Bishop Martin girls, with Kelsie Moss adding a basket. Jenelee Vanegas scored four points for Bishop Martin and Vianela Betancourt added a basket.

The Libertad girls enjoyed their only victory in the opening game of the tournament: 7-2 over the Bishop Martin girls. Tamira Nunez led Corozal with three points, while Franzine Sho and Briana Johnson scored a basket each. Bianca Najarro scored Bishop Martin’s only basket.

The Holy Family girls handed the Toledo girls their first loss: 18-11, in the second game of the morning. Sharette Requeña led Holy Family with six points, while Shameika Peters, Rushell Ramos and Odajah Casimiro scored four points each. Normalee Gomez led Toledo with six points, while Talyn Gabriel and Kelly Stephens added a basket each, Karissa Audinett added a free throw.

Chief Executive Officer Dwight Tillett, of the Ministry of Sports, presented the team trophies and individual medals to the champions, the second and third place winners. Yasel Sutherland of Louisiana Government School won the trophy for Most Valuable Player.

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