Guardian Bombers win SMART men’s softball championship

William Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter

The Guardian Bombers won the 2013 SMART men’s softball championship by an 11-3 mercy rule victory over the Oceana Strikers in the third game of the finals. The Belize City competition concluded at Roger’s Stadium last Wednesday night, January 22.
The Bombers led 3-1 when the Strikers scored one in the top of the first inning, and Carlyon Flores and Milton Flores scored for the Bombers in the bottom of the first, during which Nelbert hit an out-of-the-park home run.
Milton Flores on the mound for the Bombers struck out four batters and gave up only four hits.
Only Bruce Hilton scored for the Strikers in the top of the second.
The Bombers extended their lead to 8-2 when Carlyon and Milton scored again along with Shaquille Moody, Nick Fernandez and Roy Smith in the bottom of the second. Carlyon and Milton scored again in the bottom of the third to lead 10-2.
Striker pitcher Brandon Bood took over from Jerome Carr on the mound in the second inning, to be relieved by Konrad Gonzalez in the fourth. Together they struck out seven batters, but they also walked seven, and gave up seven hits.
Only Floyd Flowers Jr. scored for the Strikers in the top of the fourth inning, while the Bombers’ lead grew to 11-3 when its Shane Williams scored in the bottom of the fourth.
Milton allowed the Strikers no runs in the top of the fifth, at which the game was called by mercy rule.
SMART representative Leslie Sanchez was on hand to present the team trophy and individual trophies to the champions and sub-champions in an award ceremony immediately after the game.
He presented individual awards for Most Valuable Player, Most Home Runs and Most Games Won to Milton Flores.
Carlyon Flores had tied with Milton for Most Home Runs and also won a trophy.
Strikers shortstop Marconi Leal won awards for Best Battting Average and Most Runs Batted In, while pitcher Konrad Gonzalez won the Rookie of the Year award.
Princess Dantos’ pitcher, Jason Belisle, won the award for most strikeouts.

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