Faith Nazarene boys win national basketball championship

IMG_4025 No5 StejanHulette 30ptsThe boys of Faith Nazarene School of San Ignacio Town won the National Primary Schools Basketball Championships organized by the National Sports Council at the YWCA Court in Belize City on Friday, May 24. Faith Nazarene boys cruised past the Belize district champions, the boys of St. Martin de Porres RC School 26-22 in the finals.

Shevaun Torres led the Cayo boys with 10 pts, but Glen Arzu responded with 10 pts for St. Martins and the game was tied 12-12 at intermission.

MVP Ryler Rhaburn scored eight points for Faith Nazarene, Osvin Parham added six and Kyron Molina tossed in a basket. Martins’ Melroy Palacio added six points, Ivan Cacho had four, and Marquis Conorquie tossed in a basket.

Faith Nazarene boys advanced to the finals by a 38-8 blowout of the Toledo district champions, the boys of St. Peter Claver RC School of Punta Gorda Town.

IMG_4218 FaithNazarne champsMVP Ryler Rhaburn led with 14 pts, Sejan Hulette added 10 pts, while Osvin Parham tossed in six and Kyron Molina, Brandon Cante, Shandon Valentine and Raheem Rhaburn scored a basket each. Delbert Diego scored all eight points for Punta Gorda.

St. Martin’s boys had eliminated the Stann Creek district champions, the boys of Sacred Heart RC School of Dangriga Town: 30-20. Glen Arzu scored 12 pts as he led Martins to a 14-11 lead at intermission, and they never let up.

Melroy Palacio added six points, while Conorquie and Divante Neal had four points each, and Cacho and Ryan Herbert each scored a basket. Daniel Arzu led the Sacred Heart boys with 12 pts, while Marlon Ciego and Latrelle Middleton tossed in three each and Hasan Serano added a basket.

The Sacred Heart boys romped to a 23-7 win over the St Peter Claver boys in the consolation game for third place. Latrelle Middleton led with 14 pts, while Rashan Middleton added five points and Daniel Arzu and Floyd Palacio each scored  a basket. Jervis Mendez, Ashton Cus and Ivan Gillett each scored a basket for Toledo.

The Faith Nazarene boys advanced to the finals undefeated, blowing away the Corozal district champions, the boys of Corozal Methodist School, 32-2 in the opening game of the tournament.

Kyron Molina drained in a 3-pointer for 12 pts as Faith Nazarene led 11-0 at intermission. Osvin Parham added 10 pts, Stejan Hulette had six more, and Ryler Rhaburn and Francis Briceño each scored a basket. Dejan Sankey scored Corozal’s only basket.

Faith Nazarene also dominated the St. Martin’s boys 23-10 in their first encounter in the fifth game of the day.

Kyron Molina hit two 3-pointers for nine pints, Osvin Parham added six as the Cayo boys led 16-4 at intermission. Hulette added four points, while Ryler, and Raheem Rhaburn each scored a basket. Martin’s Glen Arzu and Conorquie each scored four points, while Ivan Cacho added a basket.

The St. Martin’s boys won their first game 22-6 to eliminate the Corozal boys. Glen Arzu led with 10 pts and Conorquie added a basket as they led 12-1 at intermission, Melroy Palacio and Ryan Herbert added four points each. Dejaun Sankey led Corozal with four points, while Jael Galvez added a basket.

The Sacred Heart boys  advanced to the semifinals undefeated as they  romped over the St. Peter Claver boys 18-4 in the second game of the morning. Daniel Arzu led with 14 pts as the Dangriga boys led 14-2 at intermission. Marlon Ciego and Latrelle Middleton added a basket each, while Sankey and Jael Galvez scored basket each for Corozal.

The Sacred Heart boys had also cruised past the Orange Walk district champions, the boys of La Inmaculada RC School, 24-4 in the fourth game of the morning. Eric Luna led Orange Walk with a basket and Ralston Flowers and Clinton Shaw each added a free throw as Sacred Heart led 4-3 at intermission.

Daniel Arzu led Sacred Heart with 12 pts, while Marlon Ciego and Latrelle Middleton scored six points each in the second half.

The Punta Gorda boys had eliminated the Orange Walk boys from the semifinals: 14-3 in the sixth game of the day. Clinton Shaw scored five points and Dalston Flowers added four as La Inmaculada led 9-5 at intermission. Armando Dominguez and Eric Luna added a basket each for Orange Walk, but the Punta Gorda boys came alive in the second half. Jervis Mendez scored five points, Antvan Cus scored four, while Ivan Gillett added a basket and Delbert Diego sank three free throws for the victory.

Chief Executive Officer Dwight Tillett, of the Ministry of Sports, presented the team trophies and individual medals to the champions, the second and third place winners, while Faith Nazarene’s Ryler Rhaburn (26 pts) won the Most Valuable Player award.

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