Easy Does it, Buttercup & Mel’s United win in Belize Rural Softball

teamEasy Does It of Flowers Bank, Buttercup Uprising and Mel’s United of Double Head Cabbage all posted big wins when the Belize Rural Softball Competition continued in Flowers Bank on Sunday, July 28. 

Easy Does it was without its star catcher, Dian Baldwin, whose leg is in a cast and speedy shortstop Amber Wade, whose wrist was in a bandage, but the Easy  still hammered out a 25-1 victory by mercy rule over the “Vilj Gyals” of Rancho Dolores in the first game of the morning.

The Flowers Bank ladies hammered out 18 hits off the Vilj Gyals’ pitching to lead 11-1 in the top of the first inning. Charlee Canton and Shanna Robinson crossed the plate twice, while Francine Robinson, Cathleen Rhanburn, Anna Gillett, Kelsey Robinson, Georgia Joseph and Catherine Cobo each scored a run. Only catcher Sheiland Lord scored for the Vilj Gyals in the first

Kelsey Robinson scored in the second inning, and the Flowers Bank ladies left four runners on base, but they led 25-1 when Zhanae Jex, Gillett, Kelsey and Georgia each crossed the plate twice in the top of the third inning, while Canton, Francine, Elma Wade, Rhaburn and Cobo each scored once. The game was called by mercy rule when the Vilj Gyals failed to score in the bottom of the third. The Rancho ladies had collected only one hit off Margaret Hendy’s pitching.Hendy  also walked one batter. Vilj Gyals left one runner on base and committed 23 errors!

Buttercup Uprising also hammered out a 15-4 victory over Arrows Reloaded of Bermudian Landing in the second game of the afternoon.

Buttercup ladies collected nine hits off Christine Brackett’s pitching, and Cindy Mae Reyes scored Buttercup’s first run in the first inning. Arrows’ Samantha Joseph tied the game 1-1 in the bottom of the first. Kishana Reyes and Tiffara Welch extended Buttercup’s lead to 3-1 in the top of the second inning, but the game was tied 3-3 when Marika Baizar and Samantha scored for Arrows in the bottom of the second.

Buttercup led 7-3 when Cindy Mae, pitcher Tricia Flores, Kishana and Welch scored in the top of the fourth inning. Keisha Flowers homered in the top of the fifth, rounding the bases twice, while Cindy Mae, Garnett Vasquez, Sherelee Smith, Kishana and Welch all scored.

The highlight of the ball game came  when Tricia Flores made it home safe a second time after tripping as she tried to slide to home plate.

Samantha scored a third time in the bottom of the fifth, but the game was called by mercy rule: 15-4. The Village Gyals had committed 11 errors and even though Brackett struck out five batters, she also walked five and gave up nine hits; Buttercup left four runners on base. The Arrows collected nine hits off Tricia Flores’ pitching,  but she struck out four batters. Buttercup made only three errors and the Arrows left six runners on base.

Mel’s United of Double Head Cabbage and the University of Belize Jaguars have been leading the competition, but Mel’s United edged past UB 9-8 in the third game of the evening.

UB led 2-1 when Deannah Garbutt and Kaylin Fuller scored in the top of the first inning, and only Rebecca Nicholson scored for Mel’s in the bottom of the first. UB capitalized on Mels’ 13 errors to extend its lead to 8-2 as Rochelle Orellano and Karina August scored in the top of the second inning while only Sheona Gillett scored in the bottom of the second.

UB led 6-2 when Sherie McFadzean, Monique Tablada, Orellano and Yvette McFadzea scored in the top of the third inning, but Mels’ began a comeback as Merle Frost, Nicholson and Ally Flowers scored in the bottom fo the third to trail 5-8.

Frost scored again in the bottom of the fourth and while pitcher Annette Morey struck only one batter, she allowed UB no more runs for the next three innings. Mel’s committed 13 errors, but they forced UB to leave nine runners on base.

Mel’s collected 11 hits off Herlett Clarke’s pitching and though she struck out three batters, she also walked two. UB also committed 11 errors, which told on them as Frost and Malthia Garbutt tied the score 8-8 in the sixth inning, and Denise Gabourel scored the wining run in the bottom of the seventh. UB committed 11 errors and Mel’s left only four runners on base.

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