Digicell, Airport, & Atlantic Bank win in firms’ basketball

Telemedia Digicell, Airport, Belize Water Services, Port Belize and Atlantic Bank all enjoyed wins when the Belize City Firms’ Basketball Competition continued at Bird’s Isle over the weekend, while Tuff e’Nuff and Belize Bank enjoyed wins in the under-23 competition.

Telemedia Digicell outlasted Belize Bank 54-48 in Friday’s nightcap. Lennox Cayetano led with 20 pts, 18 boards, but Belize Bank’s Troy Gabb matched him with three long 3-pointers for 20 pts and the score was tied 11-11 at the end of the quarter. Lupito Acosta drained in two more 3-pointers to add 10 pts, as Digicell surged ahead 28-13 at intermission.

Chris McGann added 10 pts, 5 boards for the bankers with Divaun Williams also hitting a 3-pointer to add eight points and Eugene Courtenay and James Gentle were good for 4 pts each.

BTL’s Jason Lamb scored eight points to lead 36-21 in the third quarter and Chaka X and Otis Clother each scored six points for the Digicell  win.

The Airport team remain undefeated, posting its fourth victory 63-60 over Smart on Saturday. Kurt Budd hit three 3-pointers as he led Smart with 21 pts, two boards.  Smart led 15-13 in the first minutes. Jason Gentle also hit a long 3-pointer to add 21 pts, eight boards as Smart led 32-24 at intermission.

Paul Swasey hit two 3-pointers as he led Airport with 21 pts. and 12 boards.  Kelvin Gillett also hit a 3-pointer to add 13 pts, two boards. Smart’s Scott Duncan responded with 15 pts, Alain Lovell grabbed 11 boards and Akeem Talbert another nine boards, as each scored a basket to tie the score 47-47 at the end of the third quarter. Airport’s Floyd Talbert and Myron Flowers responded with 9 pts each and Vince “Postman” Lamb hit a 3-pointer to put them over the top 63-60.

Atlantic Bank enjoyed a 58-51 win over Belize Electricity Limited on Friday. Ervin Orosco hit two 3-pointers as he led Atlantic Bank with 19 pts, five boards, and Atlantic Bank led 17-9 in the first quarter. Marcel Orosco also hit three 3-pointers to add 18 pts, 12 boards and Atlantic Bank led 28-19 at intermission.

Marciano Neal added eight points, Keith James scored seven points, and Jermaine “Gumbi” Tillett added six for a 45-37 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Lloyd Leslie led BEL with 26 pts, 10 boards while Austin Castro had seven points and seven boards. Brandon Codd tossed in eight points and Jason Bennett added six. The bankers out-rebounded BEL 45-32.

Port of  Belize Ltd also deposited a 67-40 win over Central Bank on Saturday. Ian AC Augustine led Port with 23 pts for a 16-6 lead in the first quarter. Lennox Bowman added 16 pts as Port continued to lead 31-13 at intermission. Angus Cherrington’s seven points and five points each from Rafael O’Brien and Cecil Price saw the Port over the top 50-32 by the end of the third quarter. Ed Baptist led the bankers with 12pts, four rebounds, while Wilfred Richards added nine points, Ian Hemsley – six and Bryan Grant – five.

Belize Water Services Ltd brought on the pressure to upset Bowen & Bowen 66-61 in Saturday’s nightcap. Steven Bonnell hit three 3-pointers as he led the brewers with 26 pts, two boards, and Michael Staine added 11 pts, 17 boards to lead 13-12 in the first quarter and 35-25 at intermission.

BWSL’s Ashley Hemsley responded with 16-pts, 7 boards and Andrew Gordon added 14 pts, seven boards, while Benson Matthews added 11 pts eight boards to tie the score 44-44 at the end of the third quarter. Milton Flores and Kenrick Deshield tossed in nine points each for the brewers, but Lindbergh “Prince” Graham responded with nine points; nine boards for BWSL and Karim Thompson grabbed 11 boards and scored eight points on the putback to secure the 66-61 win.

Tuff e’Nuff rumbled over the Truckers 81-73 in the under-23 competition on Friday night led by Jamal Kelly who hit three 3-pointers for 23 pts.  They led 20-11 in the first quarter. Luis Pitterson added 15 pts, 12 boards and Farron Louriano added 13 pts, 19 boards as Tuff e’Nuff led 39-32 at intermission. Ian Lennon also hit a 3-pointer to add 11 pts, while Raul Roches had 10 pts, 10 boards to lead 57-54 by the end of the third quarter.

Vince Garbutt’s nine points helped seal the 81-71 win. Winston Reynolds  led the Truckers with 21 pts, four boards while Carlston Barrera hit a 3-pointer as he added 20 pts, Stafford Young hit two 3-pointers to add 13 pts, four boards and Douglas Valley added eight points. Steven Smithadded  seven.

Belize Bank ran over the Belize Heat 70-49 in the other U-23 game. Lincy Lopez hit two 3-pointer to lead the banker with 16 pts, 7 boards, but then Jarron Palacio scored 19 pts for the Heat to lead 17-15 in the first quarter.

Macario Augustine scored 14 pts for Belize Bank and Brian White added 10 pts 11 boards to put  the bankers in the lead 37-22 at intermission. Ray Cruz added 10 pts, 10 boards to secure a 57-36 lead by the end of the third quarter. Edgar Mitchell tossed in two 3-pointers and he and Roderick Williams and Terique Gabb each scored 6pts each. The heats’ Jacob Westby scored eight points and Darren Longsworth  and Cardinal Lopez each scored seven points in their loss.

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