Corozal Ambush wins Belikin 3×3 basketball championship

The Corozal Ambush won the right to represent Belize at  the FIBA 3×3 Basketball World Tour in New York on August 18 – 19, after winning the Belikin Open Men’s 3×3 Basketball Championship Finals held under the auspices of the Belize Basketball Federation at Jamborees in Belize City on Saturday, August 4.

Jason Grant posted seven points as he and Benedict ‘Big Ben’ Terry led their teammates Marcell Richards and Alton Herrera to a 15-10 victory over the Orange Walk district champions, UB Jaguars men: Farron Louriano, Winston “Air Jun” Pratt, Darren Bovell and Ryan Zuniga. The Jaguars  tied the game at 10-10 with three minutes left on the clock, but ‘Big Ben’ played big D, snagging rebounds to deny the UB men any more points.

It was sweet revenge for the Corozal team as it had fallen 7-12 in its first encounter with the UB Jaguars in the sixth game of the day in round -robin competition.

Winston Pratt led the UB men with seven points, while Farron Louriano added four and Ryan Zuniga hit a jump shot. ‘Big Ben’ Terry  scored five in the paint and hit a long shot from outside the 3-point circle to score all seven of his team’s points.

Six teams representing each district began the day, with two groups of three each playing a round- robin of three games, followed by two playoffs to decide the top four teams who would advance to the semifinals, and the winners advanced to the championship finals.

The Corozal men had edged past the Belmopan team of Ty Bradley, Darwin “Puppy” Leslie, Leon “Bigs” Williams and Lindbergh “Prince” Graham 12-11 in the semifinals to qualify to the finals.

Terry  led Corozal with seven points while Jason Grant and Alton Herrera added two each, while Leslie led the Belmopan men with five points. Graham tossed in three, Ty Bradley added two and Williams scored a basket on the putback.

The UB Jaguars had reached the finals undefeated, eliminating the Black Mambaz of Dangriga 13-11 in the other semifinal game. Farron Louriano led UB with seven points, Darren Bovell added four and Pratt had two, while Jamir Flores led Black Mambaz with eight points, Edgar Mitchell drained in a long 2-pointer and Lennox Spencer added one basket.

The Corozal Ambush  qualified to the semifinal round by eliminating Yabra’s.Vince “Post” Estrada, Angus Cherrington, Darren Neal and Cassian Flowers 15-5 in the playoffs.

Jason Grant led with six points, Terry put up three while Marcel Richards hit three in the paint and a long 2-pointer for five points and Herrera added a basket. Cassian Flowers had three for Yabra and Estrada added two more.

Corozal Ambush had also triumphed 11-10 over the Black Mambaz in the third game of the day, with Terry and Herrera scoring four each while Marcel Richard hit one in the paint and a long jumper outside the 3-point circle. Ray Cruz led Mambaz with seven points, while Spencer hit two and Mitchell added a basket.

The UB men had also crushed Black Mambaz 7-3 in the second game of the morning. Farron had three points, Zuniga added two and Pratt and Bovell added a basket each, while Mitchell, Spencer and Flores each scored one basket for the Mambaz.

Despite two losses in the round- robin competition, the Black Mambaz eliminated the Western Ballaz from the Cayo district 11-6 in the playoffs. Edgar Mitchell  hit two long 2-pointers from the outside to lead the Dangriga men with four points. Jamir Flores added three, Spencer tossed in two and Ray Cruz added a basket. Kurt “Chengo” Burgess and Elvis Usher scored three points each for Cayo.

The Belmopan men had advanced to the semifinals undefeated by two victories in the round- robin competition: 11-7 over Belize City’s Yabra in the opening game of the tournament and 7-6 over Cayo’s Western Ballaz.

Ty Bradley led Belmopan with five points, “Puppy” Leslie added four and Williams and Graham had a basket each in their 11-7 win over Yabra for whom Vince Estrada scored four, Cherrington added two and Darren Neal added a basket.

In the fourth game of the morning, Bradley again led the Belmopan boys with three points. Leslie added two and Graham and Williams had a basket each for their 7-6 win over the Western Ballaz. Kurt Burgess had four and Shelton Defour added two.

The Western Ballaz enjoyed an 11-9 win over the Belize City men in the fifth game of the day. Shelton Defour led with six points, Chengo Burgess added four points, and Elvis Usher chipped in a basket. Cassian Flowers hit three outside jump shots for seven points and Vince Estrada added two.

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