Camalote United wins Cayo Softball Marathon

sThe Camalote softball girls won the two-day marathon which kicked off the Cayo Softball Association’s 2013 competition at the Joan Garbutt Stadium in Esperanza Village on Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7.

Camalote’s winning pitcher, Francine Salazar, allowed only one run as she led Camalote to an 8-1 victory over the Ontario Rebels in the 10th game of the tournament to decide the championship Sunday evening.

Francine had also led the Camalote women to an 8-0 victory over the Rebels in their first encounter earlier that afternoon. Nadine Coye led the attack scoring in the first, second and fourth innings, Frances Coye also scored in the first and second, and Molly Coye, Bridgette Fuller, Jenieve Salazar and Rhea Gutierrez added four more runs in the second inning.

S2Camalote has also clobbered the Esperanza women 9-2 in the third game of the tournament on Saturday. Francine allowed only Patricia Spain to score for Esperanza in the top the first, and  led 6-1 after Nadine, Molly, Fuller, Francine, Sherlett Gamboa and Shadine Salazar scored in the bottom of the first.

Nadine scored again in the second, and Shandy Casey and Gutierrez scored in the fourth to lead 9-1. The game was called by mercy rule when only Marsha “Ninja” Stevens scored for Esperanza in the top of the fourth.

The Ontario Rebels had advanced to challenge Camalote in the final by eliminating the Esperanza girls 4-0 in the ninth game of the tournament Sunday afternoon.

Gabourel, Henry, Ireland, and Arthurs scored four runs in the top of the first, while veteran pitcher Jean Gabourel shut out the Esperanza girls in the first four innings.

Shamera “Shampoo” Wade and Josephine Caretella finally scored for the hosts in the bottom of the fifth, but the score reverted back to the last complete inning: 4-0 when time ran out.

Pitcher Kenreen Gillett led the Rebels to a 4-0 victory over Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy in Saturday’s second game, and Gillett shut out Belmopan United 16-0 in the fourth and final game Saturday evening. Loren Henry, Gayle Arthurs, Belvia Gillett and Iesha Gardiner had scored for the Rebels in the top of the second inning. Stephanie Francis, Karlee Bradley, Shadalee Ho and Shanika Anderson had scored for Roaring Creek in the bottom of the third, but when time ran out the score reverted back to the last complete inning.

Gillett struck out three Belmopan batters to allow no runs in the top of first inning, but only Loren Henry scored for Ontario in the bottom of the first. The entire Ontario diamond scored in the second inning with Jean Gabourel rounding the bases twice for an 11-0 lead. it was all over when Lizette Gongora, Indira Ireland, Kenreen, Gayle Arthurs and Belvia Gillett scored five runs in the bottom of the third.

The Esperanza girls  sent home the Las Flores girls by a 19-1 mercy rule win in the fifth game of the tournament Sunday morning. Only Sandra Lopez scored for Las Flores, while the Esperanza women walloped Guadalupe Chicas’ pitching to score nine runs in the first, Wade rounded the bases twice. Wade scored again as the Esperanza women scored 10 runs in the top of the third with Ann Soberanis and Patricia Spain rounding the bases twice.

Las Flores girls fared no better in a 32-0 washout by Esperanza in the opening game of the tournament Saturday morning.

Marsha Stevens and Denise Gordon led the assault with five runs each, while Wade, Indira Spain and Sharon Soberanis each scored four. Patricia Spain and Caretella scored three each, and Felicia Perez and Bernadine Rojas each scored twice.

Esperanza advanced to challenge the Rebels by despatching Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy 1-0. An error had allowed Pat Spain to score after she walloped Ayannah Smith’s pitch to left field in the top of the first. Shadalee Ho equalized 1-1 in the bottom of the second, but the score reverted back to the last complete inning: 1-0 when time ran out.

The Grace Kennedy girls enjoyed some success when they sent home the Belmopan girls 20-1 in Sunday’s second game. Pitcher Shadalee Ho struck out two batters, while the entire diamond scored in the top of the first, Tanya Davis, Bradley, Francis, Shadalee, Deandra Banner and Shanika Anderson rounded the bases twice to lead 15-1 after Audrey Coleman scored the only run for Belmopan. Davis, Bradley, Ho, Andrea Rowland and Anderson scored five more runs in the top of the third to complete the rout.

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