Brilliant spanks Sunrise in SMART Harrison Parks cricket playoffs

IMG_5556 michael sobersBrilliant of Crooked Tree outlasted Sunrise of Lords Bank 144-122 in the first semifinal match of the 2013 SMART Harrison ParksNational Cricket Competition in Lord’s Bank on Saturday, June 8.

The visitors batted first, and Landis “Ciego” Wade brought in 11 runs before he was caught out on a ball from Jerry Sanche.  Eldon “Pia” Wade was also caught out after scoring 12 runs. Sanchez dismissed the next batsman for  two.

IMG_5514 rodwell  conroquieSteve Flowers entered to hit a six and two boundaries, scoring 29 runs before Gareth Banner bowled him out. Wicketkeeper Shane Westby top-scored with 35 runs before Mykelt Anthony bowled him out.

Joel Jex batted seven runs before he was caught out on a ball from Sunrise captain, Edison Parks.

Brilliant’s young star batsman, Jermaine Smith  batted one of the first centuries of this season’s competition, but he managed only six runs before Mykelt Anthony got him to pop up for an easy catch.

Dwayne Hendy dismissed the next batsman for only one run and Rodwell Conorquie batted a single boundary scoring seven runs to remain not out. Hendy dismissed his batting partner for five runs and Sanchez bowled out Brilliant’s captain Lawrence Banner for six.

But the Sunrise bowlers hadn’t always been on target. They  also conceded 13 wides, seven leg byes and one no ball, allowing the visitors to tally 144 runs before their last wicket fell.

For Sunrise who had batted 229 runs the week before, 144 did not seem like much of a score to catch, but they counted without the skill of Brilliant’s bowlers.

Sunrise opening batsman Gareth Banner  hit a single boundary to score eight runs when he was given Leg Before Wicket on a ball from Conorquie, while Brandon Lewis dismissed his partner for four runs. Sunrise’s  best batsmen attacked the ball too hastily. Jonathan Benjamin hit three boundaries to score 16 runs before he was caught out on a ball from Conorquie, while Alburn Rivero was caught out after scoring only 14 runs, including two boundaries.

The redoubtable Michael Sobers hit four boundaries, but Brilliant’s fielding also stopped many a ball from  reaching the boundary, allowing Sobers only a double on those. He tallied 46 runs before Brandon Lewis bowled him out.

His batting partners went first: Lawrence Banner dismissed the first for zero runs; Mykelt Anthony hit two sixes to score 15 runs before Landis Wade caught him out on a ball from Arturo Wade, and Arturo dismissed the next batsman for zero runs.

They needed less than 30 runs to win when Warren Anthony entered to bat, but again he had hit only a single boundary for five runs before Landis Wade bowled him out. Landis dismissed the next batsman for only one run, and Dwayne Hendy had yet to score a run when Sobers’ wicket fell.

The second games of each semifinal series continue on Saturday, June 15 with Brilliant hosting Sunrise in Crooked Tree and Berlan hosting the defending champions, Excellence of Double Head Cabbage in Bermudian Landing; both Sunrise and Excellence need to win to force a third game.

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