Biscayne girls & Holy Redeemer boys win Belize district softball championships

The girls of Biscayne Government School and the boys of Holy Redeemer RC School will represent the Belize District at the National Primary Schools Softball Championships organized by the National Sports Council to be held at Rogers’ Stadium in Belize City on Friday, March 8 after  clinching the district championships last  Monday afternoon, February 25.niscane

The Biscayne girls triumphed 6-4 over the Belize City champions, the girls of St. John Vianney RC Primary School. Biscayne’s pitcher Ashley Robinson scored in the first and second innings while Lynee Seguro and Selanie Goodin scored in the top of the first.

The Vianney girls led briefly 4-3 when pitcher Princella Samuels, Camryn Hinds, Keila Riverol and Aleshia Torres scored in the bottom of the first, but  Biscayne took over the lead 6-4 when Goodin, Kenisha Ferguson and Carol Dominguez scored in the top of the second innings and Goodin gave up no runs in the bottom of the second. Denesha Hamilton and Odalys Molina scored for Biscayne in the top of the third inning, which was not completed.

Pitcher Ashley Robinson had also led the Biscayne girls to an 11-5 victory over the Belize City subchampions, the girls of Salvation Army School, as Lynee Seguro, Larsha Wade and Robinson each scored two runs off Shakeria St. Claire’s pitching.

Princella Samuels led the Vianney girls to a 6-5 win over the Belize rural sub-champions, the girls of Belize Rural Primary School, scoring six runs off Erleen Cassasola’s pitching in the bottom of the first. The rural girls scored eight more runs in the top of the second, but the inning was not completed

Pitcher D’Andre Arana led the Holy Redeemer boys to a 10-7 win over the boys of Belize Rural Primary School to clinch the championship. Belize Rural’s pitcher Andrew Banner had shut out the Holy Redeemer boys in the top of the first innings while Banner scored in the bottom of the first. The Holy Redeemer boys walloped Banner’s pitching to score 10 runs in the top of  the second, with Jaedon Arnold  and Myron Pollard leading the attack by scoring two runs each. Clifton Pook, Glenford Banner, Alex Reynolds, Randy Rhaburn and Maleek Sutherland scored six more runs in the bottom of the second to trail 7-10. Banner shut out the Holy Redeemer boys in the top of the third while Clifton, Glenford and Andrew scored three runs in the bottom of the third to tie the score 10-10. The inning was not completed and the score reverted to the last complete inning, with Holy Redeemer winning 10-7.

The Belize Rural boys had scored 11 runs off Gilbert Cal’s pitching to eliminate the Belize City sub-champions, 11-5.

Holy Redeemer scored 10 runs off Lester Alvarez’s pitching to eliminate the Belize Rural sub-champions, the boys of Holy Cross Anglican School from San Pedro. Jaedon Arnold and Allyn Hutchinson led the attack, scoring two runs each.

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