Belize wins 3 in mixed martial arts, Mexico-5

s1Mexican Karate competitors from the Eagle Park Tae-kwon-do dojo of Chetumal, Quintana Roo won five of eight bouts, while Belizean fighters won three of the  eight-bouts on the  fight card. 

The Belize Shotokan Karate Academy hosted the  evening of mixed martial arts fighting in the cage at the Belize Elementary School auditorium last Saturday, August 31.

Belizean Ashton Tasher got a guillotine chokehold on Mexican Jonathan Calalo to win the first bout decisively.

s2Mexican Emmanuel Ku won over Belizean Ralph Hulse by a technical knock-out in the second fight of the evening; but Belizean fighter Alex Salam got Mexican fighter Ury Gambino to throw in the towel in the third fight of the night.

Mexican fighter Eric Manzanero won over Belizean Jonathan Mitchell by judges’ decision in the fourth fight.

Belizean William M’Duca took the fight to Mexican Eddy Pech by boxing him in the early rounds of the fifth, but Pech closed and grappled with M’Duca wrestling him to the mat where he pounded him in the second round.

M’Duca managed to break free and reversed the hold pinning Pech to the canvas, but  Pech seized hold of M’duca’s right arm with both hands and threw his weight on top of it to pin M’duca to the canvas, forcing M’Duca to tap out or risk dislocating his shoulder.

The sixth fight was no contest; Belizean Frank Vasquez made short work of Mexican Juan Carlos Nah, fiercely pounding him into submission in all of 15 seconds. His trainer had no choice but to throw in the towel.

Belizean-American Joel Meyers had won his first encounter with the Mexicans in April, but this time he was matched against Juan Rojas who succeeded in pinning Meyers to the canvas and Meyers was obliged to tap out.

The highlight of the evening was the rematch between Mexican fighter Alberto Galera and Jamal “Iceman” Smith, who had won by a judges’ decision in their last encounter in April of this year. This was  payback time for Galera, who pinned the “Iceman” to the mat and forced him to tap out. Smith then presented Galera with the champion’s belt he had won in their first encounter.

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