Belize wins 3 gold at XXIII Central American senior championships

Belizean athletes won three gold medals, four silver and three bronze medals at the 23rd Central American Senior Athletics Championships held in Managua, Nicaragua over the weekend Friday to Sunday, June 15-17.

Kenneth Medwood won Belize’s first gold medal in the men’s 400m hurdles on Friday, in 49.81 seconds; while Costa Rica’s Gerald Drummond ran 53.33 for the silver and Guatemala’s Gerber Blanco Mena ran 53.95 for the bronze.

Tricia Flores won another gold medal in the women’s long jump on Sunday, with a leap of 5.67 meters; while Panama’s Nathalee Aranda jumped 5.41m for the silver and Guatemala’s Estefany Cruz Perez managed 5.40 for the bronze. 

Tricia  also won a bronze medal on Friday in the 100m event where,  the record is held by Belize’s Kaina Martinez at 11.74 seconds, set  on June 24 last year.

Tricia clocked 12.34 seconds, while Panama’s Ruth Hunt ran 11.97 seconds for the gold and Costa Rica’s Sharolyn Joseph took the silver in 12.25 secs. Tricia  ran 12.50 secs in the heats to qualify, while Charnelle Enriquez clocked 13.35 secs to finish fifth in her heat. She did not qualify to the finals.

Brandon Jones won a third gold for Belize in the men’s triple jump on Sunday with a leap of 15.47 meters. Brandon  also won a silver in the men’s long jump at 7.20 meters; in which Panama’s Juan Mosquera Prado took the gold at 7.24m.

Shaneve Swift  won a silver medal for Belize in the 200m on Saturday, clocking 24.82, while Panama’s Ruth Hunt ran 24.30 for the gold. Kaina Martinez holds the record at 24.17. Shaneve also won a bronze in the 400m on Sunday, running 56.93 seconds, while Panama’s Andrea Ferris Quintero took the gold in 55.17 secs and Honduras’ Heidy Palacios won silver in 55.24 secs.

Shaneve’s sister, Shantel Swift, won another silver in the women’s triple jump on Sunday, leaping 11.53 meters; while Guatemala’s Estefany Cruz Perez won the gold at 12.08m and Costa Rica took the bronze at 11.34 m.

The Belize women: Shantel and Shaneve Swift, Irice Reyes and Charnelle Enriquez, won another bronze in the 4 x 100 meter  relay on Saturday, clocking 50.29, while the Costa Rican women won the gold in 47.68 secs and the Panamanians won silver in 47.79 secs.

The Swift sisters and Enriquez teamed up with Alexia Neal and placed fourth in the women’s 4 x 400 meters on Sunday.

Alexia Neal also won a silver in the women’s 400 meter hurdles, clocking 1:07:47. Nicaragua’s Jessica Aguilera took the gold in 1:03:66. Alexia  also won a bronze medal in the 100 meter hurdles, clocking 15.87 seconds. Honduras’ Jeimmy Bernardez Santos won the gold in 13.99 secs and Costa Rica’s  Naomi Smith Wint won the silver in 15.83 secs.

Alexia Neal placed fourth in the high jump at 1.55 meters, an event in which Panama’s Kashani Rios Miller won the gold at 1.84 meters.

Belize’s Brandon Jones, Kenneth Medwood, Chavis Lopez and Mark Anderson won another silver in the men’s 4 x 400 meters, running 3:19.33. The Costa Ricans won the gold in 3:12.42 and the Nicaraguans took the bronze in 3:19.56.

Mark Anderson and Jayson Jones placed fifth and sixth respectively in the men’s 100 meters on Friday. Anderson clocked 10.91, while Jones clocked 10.92/ Panama’s Mateo Edward Henry won the gold in 10.46 secs while Costa Rica won the silver and Honduras – the bronze.

Anderson also ran sixth in the 200m in 22.49 secs. Panama’s Alonso Henry won the gold in 21.23 secs.

Belize’s Justin Awe placed sixth in the shot put hurling the shot 11.31 meters.  Guatemala’s Jose Estrada Solares took the gold with a throw of 14.97 meters.

Belize’s Arlen Pou also placed seventh in the javelin throw at 51.93 meters, an event which Guatemala’s Luis Taracena Cabrera won with a throw of 62.45 meters.

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