Belize Rural Primary School girls win national basketball championship

The girls of Belize Rural Primary School from Double Head Cabbage won the National Primary Schools Basketball championship in the tournament organized by the National Sports Council at the Young Women’s Christian Association court last Friday, April 27

Most Valuable Player Kristy Terry scored 12 pts and  led the Belize Rural girls the championship finals 20-2 over the Orange Walk district champions, the girls of Louisiana Government School. With Brentlee Garcia and Caithlyn McFadzean scoring four points each, the rural girls  led 14-2 at intermission. Yazel Sutherland and Jennifer Torres each scored a free throw for the Louisiana girls.

The Belize Rural girls  advanced to the finals by a 14-4 win over the Stann Creek district champions, the girls of Holy Family RC School in the semifinals. Kristy Terry led with six points while Brentlee Garcia scored the first basket. Leyanne Moody added another and Caithlyn McFadzean added four points. Rushelle Ramos and Olga Gamboa scored a basket each for Holy Family.

The Orange Walk girls  advanced to the finals by a 12-10 win over the Cayo district champions, the girls of Faith Nazarene Primary School. Ysela Quintanilla and Julissa Balan  led the Cayo girls with four points each, but Janniel Dominguez, Rochel Lawrence and Brianna Fisher each scored a basket to tie the score at 6-6 at intermission.Sarid Betancourt tied the game at 8-8 in regulation time. With Orange Walk’s Surian Chi scoring in the first overtime period, the game remained tied at 10-10 and  went into a third overtime period in which Zelita Catzim scored the winning basket for Orange Walk.

Ysela Quintanilla led the Faith Nazarene girls with six points and Jessica Cocom added a basket to give the 8-7 win over the Stann Creek girls in the consolation game for third place. Stariette Requeña led the Stann Creek girls with four points, while Primrose Rodriguez added a basket and Olga Gamboa hit a free throw.

The Orange Walk girls  advanced to the semifinals by a 16-12 win over the Holy Family girls in the third game of the day. Aaliyah Leiva led the Louisiana girls with eight points, while Jennifer Torres, Zelita Catzim, Surian Chi and Yazel Sutherland scored a basket each. Stariette Requeña led the Holy Family girls with six points while Kaycelie Augustine added four points and Odaia Casimiro scored one basket.

The Louisiana girls  also eliminated the Toledo district champions, the girls of Punta Gorda Methodist School, 9-2 in the fourth game of the day. Yazel Sutherland led Orange Walk with six points, while Brianna Fisher scored a basket and Zelita Catzim hit a free throw. Only Jersha Zuniga scored a basket for Punta Gorda.

The Belize Rural girl had also won the opening game of the tournament 6-2 over Faith Nazarene girls, with Kristy Terry scoring four points and Caithlyn McFadzean adding a basket, while Simon Sleeuw scored the only basket for the Cayo girls.

The Holy Family girls had also qualified for  the semifinals by a 12-2 win over the Punta Gorda girls.

Kaycelie Augustine led with four points, while Stariette Requeña, Rushelle Ramos, Odaia Casimiro and Jennilee Parchue scored a basket each.

International Softball hall of famer Phillipa Bailey presented team trophies and individual medals to the champions, the 2nd and 3rd place winners in the closing ceremony at the Rogers Stadium.

Kristy Terry won the Most Valuable Player award.

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