Belize Bank wins annual Haulover to Boom canoe race

canoeRuta Maya veterans Armin Lopez, Daniel Cruz and Amado Cruz of the Belize Bank Bulldogs won the annual Haulover to Burrell Boom canoe race on Saturday, February 12, the second of three races the Belize Canoe Association has organized in preparation for the 14th annual Ruta Maya River Challenge.
The Belize Bank team completed the 19 mile paddle in two hours six minutes and three seconds to claim the first place trophy and a $150 prize as the first male team.
Oscar Cordon, Efrain and Felix Cruz in the NICH canoe paddled across the finish line two seconds later to win the $50 second prize in the elite male category, while Jerry Cante, Erwin Cruz and Henner Cruz in the Westrac canoe were only a seconds behind to finish third.
Jayda Guydis, Louise Rodriguez and Shanice Ferguson of Molly’s Girls’ team won the women’s division in two hours 31 minutes and 17 seconds even though they finished 14th overall.
Kenrick, Michael and Wilberto Daniels paddled their Sprouts canoe into fourth place in two hours 12 minutes and 18 seconds to win the first place trophy in the Junior category.
Alfred Lopez, Byron Cruz and Armando Lopez of “Natius Boys” team from St. Ignatius High School paddled in 2:12:33 seconds to win the first place trophy in the Intramural category, finishing 5th overall.
Sergio Lopez, Adrian Williams and Jimmy Valdez paddled the “What Eva Boyz” canoe across the finish in 2:13:33 to finish sixth overall and second in the Intramural category.
The Coast Guard Guardians, Tony Franzua, Keyren Tzib and Glen Jones, the 2000 Lion Man champion, won the Mixed category in two hours 15 minutes and seven seconds to finish seventh overall.
Tyreek Thompson, Amber Guydis, and Euken Arnold paddled the Guydis canoe into eighth place overall in 2:19:08 and a second place trophy in the Mixed category.
Mario Portillo, Elmer Garcia and Miguel Cruz of the Chukka Thrillers paddled into ninth place overall in 2:21:56, the fourth men’s team to finish.
Francis “Bunky” Codd, Chris Guydis and Johnny “Watt” Searle paddled the Sea Sports’ “Watt- a Ting” canoe, and rounded out the top 10 in 2:22:20 to win the first place trophy in the Masters category.
Perennial paddlers Joe Segura, Stanley Bailey and Jerry Wilken of the “Grumpy Ol’ Men” gave “Watt a Ting” a run for its money as they paddled their canoe into 11th place overall in 2:23:38 to win the second place trophy among the Masters.
Nery Waight, Tyrell Alvarez and Jesus Linares of the Police Crimefighters paddled to 12th overall in 2:25:52 to win the first place trophy in the Pleasure category.
Matthew Mask, Jeffrey Seguro and Allan Lopez paddled their “Boomers” canoe into 13th place overall in 2:30:33 to win the second place trophy among the Juniors.
Ten time Ruta Maya veterans Rudolph Gentle, Timoteo Vanegas and Javier Guardado paddled the Print Belize canoe into 15th place overall in 2:34:12 to win the second place trophy in the Pleasure category.
Ellis Metzgen, Martin Gideon, Dominique Alvarez of the “Hunter’s Boys” team were the third Junior team to finish as they paddled into 16th place in 2:36:12 seconds.
Simon August and Steven Castillo in the “Fast Forward” were the fifth men’s team paddling into 17th place overall in 2:41:8.
Lennox Myvett, Felipe Reyes, Leon Lord of the Rebels finished 18th overall in 2:55:17, and came in third in the Pleasure category.
The next canoe race comes up on February 23 when paddlers will race from Burrell Boom to Belize City, finishing beside the Riverside Tavern,. This is the last dress rehearsal for the gruelling 140-mile Ruta Maya River Challenge scheduled for the Baron Bliss Holiday weekend of March 9.

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