Belize Bank, Atlantic Bank & Central Health win in Firms basketball

s3The Belize Bank Bulldogs, Atlantic Bank, Belize City Council, Customs Department Central Health Region and Ready Call all enjoyed victories when the Belize District firms’ basketball competition continued at Bird’s Isle in Belize City on Friday and Saturday nights, August 2-3.

Kenroy Usher drained in a long 3-pointer to lead the Belize City Council; with 17 pts, seven boards in their 62-59 victory over COURTS Belize on Friday. Cordel Gonzalez also hit a long 3-pointer as he added 11 pts and three boards as the Council led 19-8 in the first quarter and 36-26 at intermission. Ian Ferrera added nine points and Leon “Bigs’ Williams tossed in eight points, 12 rebounds to extend the council’s lead to 50-34 by the end of the third quarter.

s4Keith Pollard led COURTS with 14 pts two boards, while Tyrone Anthony added 13 pts, five boards and Delroy Caliz had 10 pts, two boards Leroy Gentle chipped in nine points and Rennan Pandy added seven. It was COURTS’ second loss in two outings.

Atlantic Bank celebrated their second victory in a 65-51 romp over the heritage Bank Heatz; Ervin “Poty” Orosco had a blast as he led Atlantic with 30 pts, 10 boards. Ian Rene added 16 pts, 10 boards as they led 12-10 in the first quarter and 29-21 at intermission. Keith James added eight points and nine boards, while Jermaine “Gumbi” Tillett tossed in six points more and Shawn Stevens had five to lead 44-40 by the end of the third quarter.

Kurt “Chengo” Burgess and Felix Martinez led Heritage with 16 pts each, while Devon Defour tossed in nine and Jaleel Arnold laid up six over easy. The Heatz had done better in their season debut: 69-51 over the PUC Regulatahz on Saturday, July 27.

The Belize Bank Bulldogs also posted their second victory: 52-48 over BWS last Friday. Lindbergh “Prince” Graham led BWS with 14 pts, six boards as they led 12-8 in the first quarter Terrique Gabb led the bankers with 16 pts, four boards while Marcel Orosco added 15 pts, 11 boards as they took over the lead 22-19 at intermission. Troy Gabb’s eight points and six more from Chris McGann saw the Bulldogs leading 38-31 by the end of the third quarter. BWS out-rebounded the bankers 44-32, as Kareem Thompson tossed in 11 pts, six boards; while Akeem “Timmy” Trapp had seven points and Lawrence Young had six points, six boards. Elmer Herrera scored five points for the bankers to put them over the top 52-48 at the final buzzer.

The Customs Department recovered from 45-51 loss to the Central Health department in their season debut to take Telemedia into overtime for a 74-72 victory last Saturday night. Devon Lozano hit two 3-pointers as he led DigiCell with 23 pts, two board; and Jordan Santos also hit two 3-pointers as he added 13 pts to lead 15-9 in the first quarter and 33-25 at intermission. With Ed Thompson’s 13 pts and Lennox Cayetano’s 11 pts, nine boards, DigiCell led 53-47 at the end of the third quarter.

Winston “Air Jun” Pratt hit a 3-pointer as he led Customs’ counterattack with 29 pts, 12 boards and assisted by Kevin Lorenzo who also hit two 3-pointers to added 16 pts, seven boards and Oliver Solis’ eight points the Customs boys tied the score 62-62 in the fourth quarter. Lupito Acosta also hit as 3-pointer as he scored nine points for DigiCell, but Marvin Skeet’s seven points saw Customs leading 74-72 at the end of overtime.

Telemedia’s as DigiCell 4G had done better in their debut as they routed COURTS 71-54 on Saturday, July 27.

Steven Wade scored 23 pts as he led Central Health to their second victory: 63-46 over Bowen & Bowen Sprite on Saturday. Darren Neal hit four 3-pointers to lead Sprite with 16 pts, and they led 18-16 in the first quarter.

Central Health’s Neil Nicholson scored 14 pts and Lonnie Trapp added 13 pts as they took over the lead 32-21 at intermission; and with Winsman Williams’ eight points and Wilfred Richards’ four they led 49-36 by the end of the third quarter.

Troy Williams scored 14 pts for Sprite, Michael Staine added 11 pts, 10 boards. The hero of Sprite’s debut game, Deon Symns, had an off night, scoring only one 3-pointer and Earl Madrill added one basket.

Ready Call also bounced back from their season opening loss to the Bulldogs to drill the P.U.C. “Regulatahz” 52-41 in Saturday’s nightcap. Andrew “Jewboy” Robateau led the Regulatahz with 13 pts, seven boards and Ian Haylock added nine points for the P.U.C. to lead 9-8 in the first quarter and 20-18 at intermission. Claudio Leal added eight more, but Ready Call’s Aaron Baptist scored 10 pts to turn things around. Ensworth Tzul’s nine points. Josiah Bowman, Hubert Baptist and Russel Linarez each added eight points as they led 33-31 by the end of the third quarter. George Smith added five points, five boards to their win.

The tournament continues at Bird’s Isle on Friday night, August 9th.

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