BDF drills Westlake 6-1 Champions Cup football final

The Belize Defence Force drilled Westlake 6-1 in the first game to the championship finals of the Champions’ Cup Football Competition at the MCC grounds on Sunday, August 5.

Harrison Tasher and Marlon “Matador” Meza led the BDF offensive, supported by Byron Usher and Ralph Flores on the wings, and Lisbey Castillo and Richard “Cheety” Jimenez at midfield.

Westlake’s defenders Jose “Shaggy” Caceres, Kishane Pech, Shannon Flowers and Stephen Baeza had no time to get settled before Tasher  penetrated to embarrass goalkeeper Charlie Slusher with the BDF’s first winning goal in the very first minute of play.

Evan Mariano and Jarret Davis led Westlake’s counterattack supported by Clinton Gill and Leon Jones on the wings and Andres Makin and Floyd Jones at midfield, but they made very little impression on the BDF defense anchored by Vallan Symns, with the help of Victor “Guapo” Nunez, Khalil Velasquez and Tyrone Pandy.

The BDF squad continued to execute the game plan of their technical director Jose Palmiro Salas, and a scant 10 minutes elapsed when Marlon Meza embarrassed Slusher with a second goal for a 2-0 lead.

The BDF won a corner kick and Richard Jimenez centered the ball to Tasher and Lisbey Castillo in the goal area. Slusher had no chance as Castillo connected right away with a kick to score the BDF’s third goal some 10 minutes before intermission. Some five minutes remained before the break when Byron Usher drove up the right flank and unleashed a rocket shot from 30 yards out that screamed in under the crossbar, embarrassing Slusher yet again as the BDF took a 4-0 lead into intermission.

John King relieved Stephen Baeza and Glen Martinez entered to fortify the Westlake defense. The Westlake offensive finally consolidated as Leon “Lem” Jones advanced up the right sideline, slipped by Jimenez and crossed to Floyd Jones on the left flank. Floyd immediately unleashed a shot that got the better of BDF goalkeeper Frank Lopez to finally put Westlake on the scoreboard.

Alas, it proved the only flash in the pan for Westlake, who soon found itselfselves playing one man short after John King came crashing down on Byron Usher in an over-enthusiatic tackle that had no justification, since Usher did not have the ball.

Usher was uninjured, but the referee ejected King with a red card. Meanwhile coach Palmiro Salas introduced reinforcements as Michael Martinez, Orlando Trapp and Erwin “Bird” Flores replaced Jimenez, Victor Nunez and Ralph Flores.

Westlake’s player coach Tyrone “T-bone” Mushcamp had entered the game in the second half and Geon Makin relieved Leon Jones, but Makin soon earned the referee’s ire, and he too was sent off, leaving Westlake with only nine men.

BDF’s Allan Ponce replaced Lisbey Castillo, and Shane “Chucky” Flores relieved Byron Usher.  Tasher kept alive a pass from Michael Martinez to pass to Shane Flores on the right flank and he penetrated the goal to unleash a shot the zipped past Slusher to crash into the back of the net. A few minutes later Meza did the same thing to complete the 6-1 rout.

The second game of the series comes up on Sunday, August 12.

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