BDF & City Boys win in Champions Cup football

The Belize Defence Force enjoyed a 4-0 win over “Sugar &Water” Old Road while the Raymond Gentle City Boys routed FC Belize 3-0 when the competition continued at the M.C.C. grounds on Sunday, July 22.

But Westlake continues to lead the Champions Cup Football Competition, posting their fourth victory 3-0 by default over Maskall.

Erwin “Bird” Flores and Daniel Jimenez led the BDF offensive supported by Philip Lewis and Richard “Cheety” Jimenez on the wings and Harrison Tasher and David “Gringo” Ramos at midfield.

Glenford Flowers anchored the S&W Old Road defense with the help of Jermaine “Bowfoot” Zuniga and David Robateau, but they blundered into giving up a free kick and Khalil Velasquez’s execution found Daniel Jimenez for the finish, to embarrass goalkeeper Victor Villamil with the first goal.

Erwin Flores became a casualty in a hard contact with the Old Road defenders and had to retire, to be replaced by Marlon “Matador” Meza.

Ernest “Dubu” Flores and Paulie “Fabulous” Bradley led the Old Road counterattack, supported by Denfield Lemott and Keenen Gillett on the wings and David “Manu” Macaulay Sr. and David Robateau at midfield. But they made little impression on the BDF defense anchored by Vallan Symns. He and Byron Usher, Khalil Velasquez and Michael Martinez held Old Road scoreless the entire game.

Meza, Harrison Tasher and the Jimenez brothers sought to increase their advantage, but the Old Road defense held them to a 1-0 lead up to intermission.

Danny Jimenez threatened again in the second half, when he picked up a forward pass from Michael Martinez and drove up the right sideline towards the goal. Villamil shifted over to meet the charge, and it was child’s play for Marlon Meza to tap the ball into the empty net, when Danny shunted the ball across to him.

Give Villamil his due, he collared the ball when Danny got away solo on a streaking attack up the left flank for a one-on-one with Villamil, who also stopped Danny’s next try: a hard cannonball shot from outside the 30-yard box. Villamil also denied Tasher when he picked up a rebound and blasted  the ball back at goal.

BDF coach refreshed his attack line-up with Franz Vernon taking over from Philip Lewis, and Akeem Jones and Shane “Chucky” Flores entered the ball game. With little help from his defenders, Villamil could not  hold off the BDF barrage indefinitely, and Harrison Tasher succeeded in recovering a rebound to blast it into the net for a 3-0 score.

The Old Road defense was in disarray, and Shane Flores in his debut for the BDF, embarrassed Villamil with a fourth  goal before the long whistle.

FC Belize found the 2010 Superleague champions, Raymond Gentle City Boys, too hot to handle, as the City Boys drilled them 3-0 in the first game of the afternoon.

Michael “Soup” Hernandez and Dalton “Chicken” Cayetano the led FC Belize’s attacks, supported by Francis “Peely” Briceño, Jael Ottley and Avian “Chi-chis” Crawford at midfield, but they were shut down by the City Boys’ defenders: Shawn Thurton, Joseph Mohammed Ali, Mark Grant and Nigel Franklin.

Delroy “Thinman” Andrews embarrassed goalkeeper Stanley “Jordan” Reneau with the first  goal to lead 1-0 at intermission.

FC Belize pulled out all the stops in the second half, but defender George Estrada blundered into getting more than his shoulder into contact with the ball in the goal area, and  the referee ruled penalty, also sending Estrada off with a red card. Andrews converted the penalty for a second goal.

Young Gilroy “Bredda” Thurton embarrassed substitute goalkeeper Elroy Rowley with a left foot shot to score a third goal to put the game on ice: 3-0.


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