Barney Brown wins Weekend Warriors’ Cross Country

By William Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter

Barney Brown of the Scotiabank team won the A division of the Weekend Warriors’ annual Cross Country cycle race from La Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena.
Brown finished in front of Smart headquarters on the Philip Goldson Highway in Belize City on Sunday, April 13.
He clocked 3:59:04 on his 86-mile ride from Santa Elena on the George Price Highway, via the Hattieville-Burrell Boom bypass road on to the Philip GoldsonHhighway to win first prize and a trophy.
Calman Williams of the SMART team was in the same lead group to finish second, while James Frampton and Mike Lewis of the Santino’s team took third and fourth places. Kent Gabourel of the Benny’s Megabytes team was fifth.
All top five winners in each division received prizes and trophies.
Preston Martinez of the SMART team was sixth, and Brown’s teammate Kenny Gladden was seventh.
Warren Coye of Santino’s led the chase peloton, clocking 4:00:07 for his eighth place finish, while Jack and Kirk Sutherland, both of the DigiCell 4G team rounded out the top 10.
Philip Burns led the race as it passed Busman Arnold Hill where he won a six-pack of Carib beer as the station prize.
Williams took over the pace to win the next two station prizes at Roaring Creek and a $50 prize passing the Hector Silva airstrip.Then it was David Pollard moving forward to win the next prize, a $20 SMART phone card at the Mile 40 bridge.
Gabourel led the race at Jaguar Paw to also win a Carib beer six-pac.Then Sean Howard took the lead at the La Democracia junction to win a night’s stay at the Radisson Fort George.
Gabourel regained the lead at mile 25, to win a SMART $20 card, then it was Brown showing his mettle to win a Carib six-pack at the Rockville junction.
Williams won the next prize, a $20 phone card at the Hattieville police station, before James Frampton took the lead to win a $150 prize from Belize Bank, passing the Kolbe Foundation.
Preston Martinez challenged Frampton to win $50 cash at the CDS gas station, then Frampton won the last $30 station prize at the airport junction.
Jim Scott of the Santino’s “Ride to Glory” team clocked 2:57:16 to win the B division’s 66-mile ride from Roaring Creek over the same route to the finish. Antonio Escarpeta  of the Team B.C.B./F.T.Williams was only a second behind as he took second place, while Kaya Cattouse  of the SMART team clocked 3:02:10 as she finished third in this race, the only Female in the ride.
Rigoberto Rivas of Santino’s was fourth, Isaiah Willacey of the DigiCell 4G team was fifth, and Mike Phillips of Santino’s was sixth. Perry Gibson and Matthew Smiling, both of the Benny’s Megabytes team, were seventh and eighth, respectively, in 3:08:26, while Santino “Chief” Castillo was ninth in 3:08:32, and his teammate Charles Slusher clocked 3:08:49 to complete the top 10.
Scott had won the first station prize, a $20 phone card passing Cotton Tree Primary School, then Escarpeta took the pace to win the next $20 card prize at the mile 40 Bridge and a Carib six-pack at the Jaguar Paw junction.
Scott regained the lead to win a SMART wireless modem passing Mahogany Heights, then Escarpeta took over the pace at the La Democracia junction to win a night’s stay at the Radisson Fort George.
Scott and Escarpeta continued alternating the lead to share the prizes at mile 25, a six pack at the Rockville junction, at the Hattieville police station and Escarpeta won the $150 prize at the Kolbe foundation.
Scott took the remaining prizes at the CDS gas station and $50 from BWSL at the Chetumal Street junction
Clarence Tesecum of the SMART team clocked 2:40:26 as he won the 56 mile race from Cotton Tree, while Louis Usher of the B.C.B./F.T.Williams team was second and Frank Ferguson  of  Santino’s  clocked 2:46:15 for third place. Manuel Esquiliano of Truckers’ Posse finished fourth and Devon Lozano of the DigiCell 4G team rounded out the top five.
Steve Gill of the SMART team was sixth, Carlo Marin of the B.C.B./F.T.Williams team was seventh and Nelson Zayden and Igmar Perrera, both of the Stationery House/Medina’s Jewelry team ware eighth and ninth respectively. Marin’s teammate Wayne Arnold rounded out the top 10.
Esquiliano had led the race to win the first $20 phone card at Miel 40, then Lawrence Craig of the truckers’ Posse took the Carib six-pack at jaguar paw. Louis Usher won the SMART modem at mahogany Heights, then Tecsecum took the lead at the La Democracia junction to win a night’s stay at the Radisson. Esquiliano won the next two prizes at mile 25 and Rockville, then Abraham won the $20 card at the Hattieville Police station. Tescum won the next prize at Kolbe, then it was Tesecum and Louis Usher sharing the remaining prizes en route to the city.

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