Barney Brown, Daniel Cano & Dennis McKoy win Weekend Warriors A, B & C New Year’s races

Barney Brown won the category “A”  race, while Daniel Cano won the “B” category and Dennis Mckoy – the “C” category, when the Weekend Warriors Cycling Club held its New Year’s race from Orange Walk to the finish line in front of M&M Engineering in Belize City on the Philip Goldson Highway on Sunday, January 6.

Barney Brown, of Scotiabank, clocked two hours 19 minutes 43 seconds on his 51-mile ride from Orange Walk to Belize City as he out-sprinted Dean Belisle of British Caribbean Bank/ J.T. Williams to the finish line.

Warren Coye of  Santino’s team led teammate Ernest “Jawmeighan” Meighan across the finish a few seconds later and jack Sutherland of Digicell 4G was fifth.

The “B” category riders entered the city as one peloton, but Daniel Cano of  M&M Engineering team out-sprinted three other riders to win, clocking two hours 25 minutes 34 seconds,  while Nehru Gilharry of truckers Posse was second, Jim Scott of the Santino’s team was third and Dean Boyce of BCB/FT Williams was fourth. Santino “Chief” rode into fifth place solo.

The “C” category riders began their 47-mile ride in Carmelita Village, a half hour before the other riders, and Dennis McKoy of Truckers Posse had Clifton Abraham of Creative Graphics Ideas/E-Zone hard on his wheel as they entered the city. But McKoy managed to escape Abraham on the last mile to the roundabout and the turnaround back to the finish line to clock two hours 32 minutes 14 seconds. Abraham was second 10 seconds later.

Ian Abraham also of C.G.I./E-Zone took third 14 seconds behind Clifton, with Wolrick Thurton of Truckers Posse hard on his wheel. Salvador Alvarado of the Zitro team was fifth 20 seconds later.

Other “A” category finishers:

6th – Ernest “Tangalang” Thurton – Santino’s

7th– Derick Smith – B.W.S.

8th – Stephen Bissett – B.N.E.

9th – Wilbert Jones – Digicel 4G

10th – Frederick Sutherland – invitee.

Other “B” category finishers:

6th – Michael Phillips – Santino’s

7th – Carlo Marin – Zitro

8th – Kevin Hope – Digicell 4G

9th – Elvis Perez – Scotiabank

10th – Mark Reid – Zitro.

Other “C” category finishers:

6th – Valentine Sosa – Truckers Posse

7th – Manuel Esquiliano – Truckers Posse

8th – Wayne Arnold – B.C.B./F.T.Williams

9th – Alton Thompson – M&M Engineering

10th – Steven Gill – Truckers Posse.

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