Barney Brown, Anwar Barrow & Salvador Alvarado win Weekend Warriors race

s3Barney Brown won the “A” category, Anwar Barrow won the “B” category and Salvador Alvarado won the “C” category of the Weekend Warriors’ race from Cotton Tree to Belize City on the George Price Highway on Sunday, July 14.

Brown of Scotiabank team out-sprinted Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph of the Santino’s team to win the “A” category race in 1:44:02, a 40-mile ride from Cotton Tree Primary School to the finish line in front of Leslie’s Imports. Mark Gentle of the British Caribbean Bank/F.T.Williams team took third place.

s4Wilbert Jones of the DigiCell 4G finished fourth, his teammate Kirk Sutherland was fifth and Warren Coye of the Santino’s team was sixth; while Coye’s teammate Ernest “Tangalang” Thurton was seventh.

Derick Smith of the BWS team was eight, Gentle’s teammate Dean Belisle was ninth and Ronald Sutherland of DigiCell 4G rounded out the top 10.

Brown won the sprint for the first station prize in La Democracia Village, with Coye hard on his wheel and Kirk Sutherland of DigiCell 4G team in third place. Wilbert Jones and Ronald  Sutherland, both of DigiCell 4G team, took over the lead as the race rolled past Rockville, with Dennis Smith trailing in third place. Jones won the next sprint at Hattieville, with Warren Coye immediately behind, but Barney Brown remained in contention, sitting hard on their wheels, waiting to make his move in the final sprint to the tape.

Anwar Barrow of the DigiCell 4G team clocked 1:55:00 as he won the “B” category race, which had also started from Cotton Tree Primary School, while his teammate Andrew Ordonez took second. Brown’s teammate Eustace Ireland finished third.

Maurice Kelly of the B.C.B./F.T.Williams team was fourth, Isaiah Willacey of the DigiCell 4G team was fifth, Coye’s teammate Michael Phillips was sixth and Charles Lewis of the Medina’s House of Jewelry team was seventh.

s5Willie Chan of Cayo Rental was eighth, Mark Reid of the Zitro team was ninth, and Jereome Moir of the Truckers Posse competed the top 10.

Maurice Kelly had won the first sprint in La Democracia, with Eustace Ireland second and Ian Abraham of the Zitro team in third place. Omar Gonzalez won the second sprint as the race passed Rockville with Kelly now sitting in second place and Abraham third.

Reid won the third sprint at Almond Hill with a new configuration as Willie Chan now sat in second place and Kevin Hope of DigiCell 4G was third.

Salvador Alvarado of the Zitro team won the 30-mile “C” category race from La Democracia in 1:22:29, this time out-sprinting his teammate Sean Duncan who had to settle for second.

Curtis Bradley of the B.C.B./F.T.Williams took third while Dennis Mckoy and Lawrence Craig, both of the Truckers Posse, were fourth and fifth respectively. Their teammates Joseph Abraham and Wolrick Thurton were sixth and seventh respectively in 1:23:12, while Truckers’ Valentine Sosa took eighth place in 1:25:02 over his teammate Steven Gill who finished ninth. Alvarado had won the first sprint at mile 21 with Craig second and Duncan third and Alvarado also won the second sprint at Hattieville with gill second and Duncan third. Duncan won the third sprint at Almond Hill with Alvarado second and Gill – third.

The next Weekend Warriors race comes up on Sunday, July 21, from mile 21 to the Busman Arnold bridge at mile 60 on the George Price highway; with sprint points awarded at Mahogany Heights, mile 41 and Mount Hope.


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