Belize’s Omar Guerrero and Mario Graniel won second place in the men’s doubles  Darts competition, when the Belize Darts Federation hosted the 19th Caribbean Cup Darts Tournament at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel from Wednesday July 25,to Sunday, July 29. Guerrero and Graniel lost in the championship finals to Mark Meares and Sheldon Lionel of the Florida team. Guerrero and Graniel had advanced out of the opening round by a victory over Lester Legall and James Walklin of Trinidad and Tobago, and triumphed over Mike Russell and Christian Knowles of the Bahamas in the second round. They moved on to vanquish Cliff Weeks and Neville Parker of the Cayman Islands in the third round and qualified for the finals by their victory over Gregory Catlyn and Clyde Murrell of the Bahamas in the fourth round. Meares and Lionel had similarly advanced through the opening round by a win over Lloyd Devereaux and Peter Duncombe of the Bahamas, then they beat Rahaman Hassanali and Kevin Jacob of Trinidad and Tobago in the second round. They took out Dale Glasgow and Patrick Scott of Barbados in the third round, and eliminated Harry Brown and Sky Bain of the Bahamas in the fourth round to challenge Graniel and Guerrero in the finals. Trudy Johnson and Angela Russell of the Bahamas  won the women’s doubles championship finals over Florida’s Tyler Meares and Mechall Goss. The tournament also featured a mixed doubles competition, in which Mark Meares and Lorraine Symons triumphed over Paul Murphy and Joe Gabrynski in the finals. Florida’s Kelly Meares, Sheldon Lionel and Richie Dantine won the mixed Triples championship finals against the Bahamian trio of Trudy Johnson, Robin Albury and Wayne Copeland. Brazil’s Monica Ribiero won the women’s singles finals over Paula Murphy of Florida, while Brazil’s Diego Portela also triumphed over Robin Albury of the Bahamas to win the Men’s Singles Championship. Belize’s Jim Novelo and Mario Graniel reached only the third round of the men’s singles competition before they were eliminated. Team USA won the 6th Americas Cup Darts Federation also hosted at the Biltmore from July 20-23. The Canadians won second place while the Bahamas was third and Trinidad and Tobago – fourth. Troy Hanlon of Canada won the men’s singles championship, with his countryman Chris Steiger taking second, while Robin Albury of the Bahamas was third and Joe Hoffman of the USA was fourth. Marilyn Popp of the USA won the women’s singles competition, while her countrywoman Brenda Roush took second. Robin Curry of Canada was third and Cindy Pardy of Canada was fourth. Troy Hanlon also won High check-off with 156 pts, while Robin Curry won the women’s high check-off at 120 pts. Joe Hoffman of the USA scored the most 180’s – seven, while Marilyn Popp of the USA also had two 180’s, the most among the women. Troy Hanlon had the lowest darts game, wining with only 11 darts, while Marilyn Popp had the lowest among the women, wining with only 14 darts. The Youth champion was Dawson Murshell.,  Robin Barnes was second, both of Canada.

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