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YMCA holds family kite day for Fabers Road

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA held a community gathering for Fabers Road residents on Sunday to teach children and adults how to make and fly kites.

The Family Kite Day was held at the YMCA compound in the Fabers Road extension area, catering for over 200 children. The children and their families were introduced to the art of kites by veteran kite maker, Glenford Hyde.

The craft paper sticks, strings and glue to construct the kites were sponsored by Habet and Habet.

Program Director for the YMCA, Kandice Morrison, explained that the event’s objective is to positively impact the lives of children and the wider community, while preserving Belizean culture.

“We want to keep the tradition alive,” Morrison said, “ if it is our culture then someone has to carry it on, and we think all Belizean children should know about making and flying kites.”

She added that the YMCA hopes that the fulfillment the children feel from making their own kites might inspire them to take the hard work and diligence into other areas of their lives.

Clara Cuellar, executive director of the YMCA, explained that the initiative has several layers of involvement, which engages participation from various age groups.

“If you’re 10 and over, you make the kite, if you’re under 10, we make the kite for you; the 18-21 group are exposed to leadership because they help with the coordination of the event,” Cuellar said, “we have community members taking care of the food and the drinks, so it’s really getting the entire community involved.”

She added that the YMCA has been conducting similar activities for some eight years on smaller levels; however with growing private sector and community support the event has grown significantly.

YMCA Belize has been in existence since 198, giving assistance to children and families of lower socio-economic brackets. The organization, part of a greater global movement, houses numerous programs assisting in major areas like academic enrichment, like skills training and, leadership building.

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