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UNICEF releases last video in “Time Out” series

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

This week the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) released the final video in its “Time Out” series, which focuses on ending violence against children in Belize.

The final video is the culmination of the first four in the series, highlighting the different forms of violence against children: verbal, physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect.

Through the video, UNICEF acknowledges the difficulties associated with parenting, and calls on Belizean parents to consider the long-term effects that violence can have on their children.

Caroline Bach, communications specialist for UNICEF Belize, explained that the videos in the series were geared towards promoting positive communication and disciplinary techniques.

She added that the videos will continue to be aired on local TV stations, along with numerous other activities that will be held in each district. Those activities include working with numerous social partners in advocacy awareness initiatives using mediums such as sports and the arts.

“It’s important to remember that “TIME OUT” isn’t just a ‘communication campaign’; it’s an initiative”, Bach said.

The initiative is a two-year project which employs the use of Communication for Development (C4D) approaches, aimed at inspiring behavioural change over the long-term.

Bach who is also the C4D consultant for UNICEF, said that the initiative presents a unique opportunity for children to speak out on what they consider violence to be and how they think some of the issues surrounding it can be resolved.

All the videos are available at the UNICEF website and Facebook page.

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