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SIB to present latest data

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Statistical Institute of Belize is preparing to release its latest economic performance and estimate data.

On Wednesday August 29, the SIB will launch the Second Quarter 2015 Gross Domestic Product estimates, July 2015 External Trade statistics (ETB), July 2015 Consumer Price Index/Inflation Rate statistics. The SIB will also present the April 2015 Labour Force Survey Preliminary Findings.

The GDP estimates give a picture of how the economy has grown, the ETB quantifies the value of Belize’s imports and exports for the given month, while the CPI measures the increase/decrease of local goods and services. The LFS provides employment related data, in terms of number of people employed/unemployed, or those unfit to be in the work force.

The data will be presented at the Central Bank of Belize Training room.

The SIB’s last CPI, released for June 2015, showed inflation at ­0.8 percent, when compared to June 2014, which meant that items were an average of 80 cents cheaper than the previous year.

The ETB showed that Imports were up by 20.1 percent, or some $31.7 million when compared to last year, while Exports were down by $14 million.

Unemployment in Belize dropped by 2.1 percent when compared to 2013 with women and citizens aged 14­24 being the groups most affected by unemployment.

Unemployed persons are those who are of age and are able to work, and are actively seeking employment and they numbered at 18,479.

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