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Police say public needs to be ready in the event Jasmine Alert is neccessary

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

The Jasmine Alert has not been triggered as there have been no credible reports of abductions but police are urging parents to teach their children basic information and have certain information available in any such real instance, Corporal Hortence Hernandez said.

Hernandez said parents should teach their children basic things such as their phone number, parents phone numbers, and their address. Hernandez added that parents should also try to have updated photos of their children. Parents are encouraged to regular photos of their child’s face at least twice a year, Hernandez said.

The purpose of the photos, according to Hernandez, is for use if there is ever a need for a Jasmine Alert in the event that the child goes missing. Hernandez said if a parent believes their child is missing it is necessary to provide police with this information as soon as possible.

“For the Jasmine Alert to be effective we cannot work with information after 24-hours,” Hernandez said. As soon as police is given the information of a missing child, the information is sent to BTL and SMART, who work closely with police, and text messages with the information would be sent out, Hernandez explained.

Hernandez said the first texts would go out to the area where the child was initially abducted and then later texts would reach the entire country.

Hernandez added, however, that the alert cannot be activated based on rumors and unconfirmed reports. Police need to have credible, confirmed reports in order for a Jasmine Alert to be activated.

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