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Media personalities plan series of initiatives in memory of fallen colleague

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Thirteen media personalities met on Friday morning in Belize City to plan a series of initiatives in memory of their fallen colleague, Kareem Clarke, who was shot dead early Monday morning.

The press members, who work at five different media houses, discussed establishing a Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund to assist needy children who are part of a feeding program at Saint Joseph”s primary whete he attended school, and where his family is activelyl involved in the program.

The media fraternity also discussed having a canned food drive at the stores and supermarkets in Clarke’s name, and a concert and essay contest later this year. They decided on essay to emulate Clarke’s talent of being able craft well-written news articles.

The group will open an account in Clarke’s name where people will be able to make monetary deposits.

Marisol Amaya, who was Clarke’s immediate supervisor, said the purpose of keeping Clarke’s memory alive is because ” Kareem, as unassuming as he was, touched all of us so we came to make sure that his death doesn’t just go like that. We want to tell the people behind all the murders that you are hurting other people and you need to stop.”

Amaya described Clarke as a ypung man who “wrote beautifully and overcame his circimstances. …This one young man, coming out of a marginalised area, was able to achieve so many things.”

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