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Luke Palacio says ROC will address national concerns

By: Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The Rod of Correction (ROC) comprised of representation from a cross-section of the various unions and social partners, was present at Thursday’s court proceeding of former government minister, Elvin Penner. President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, Luke Palacio, said that ROC has a number of concerns and the BNTU, Belize National Teachers Union, of which Palacio is also the president, had called for a thorough investigation of the passport/visa scandal. Palacio explained to reporters that ROC feels the government has been disrespectful. “This organization was born out of the fact that a number of our civil society organizations are experiencing the same thing that COLA is experiencing”, he said. “The matter of the disrespect and abuse that continues to happen, we are saying that yes, we are beginning a movement that has no political partisan act that has to do with national issues,” he continued.


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