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Give what you can: Belize volunteer club holds food drive

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Belize Volunteer’s Club and the organization Together We Can Solve Hunger, are teaming up for a food drive in Belize City.

The drive, which started in late July at participating stores in Belize City, will culminate for its biggest event at the Battle Field Park on Saturday August 15.

The BVC set up donation booths at stores such as Publics on Central American Boulevard, Williams Supermarket, Tow Tow Grocery, and both Brodies locations in the City, where donors could drop off food items.

“Hunger is actually one of the easiest problems to solve. We have the resources. All we have to do is share”, Kadeem Bennett, founder of the BVC, said this week.

Bennett emphasized that the smallest donation will go a long way in helping the people that are helped by TWCSH, hence the give what you can motto.

Geraldine Mai, co-founder of TWCSH, said that the NGO, while registered in October 2014, had been operating for two years prior to registering.

“We help 13 single mothers with a meal and provide breakfast for the homeless Monday to Saturday, and a lunch on Sunday”, Mai said.

She underscored that as a woman who has known hardship, she felt compelled to give back, and encourages the Belizean public to support the event.

The Statistical Institute of Belize’s Labour Force Survey showed that women are most affected by unemployment in the country, and are therefore, most vulnerable to economic hardship.

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