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EU Ambassador to the region hosts documentary

By Marion V. Ali, Staff Reporter

Ambassador Paola Amadei, the European Union’s plenipotentiary to the region held a two-day student, public and private viewing of a documentary called “Songs of Redemption”.

The event on Friday and Saturday showcased the personal and musical talent of a group of inmates in a prison at Kingston Jamaica. Ambassador Amadei told The Reporter that the rehabilitation program that the inmates are a part of is funded by the Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights of the European Union. “It is designed to foster peace and unity after so many years of conflict back in the 1950’s. The European Union has a long-standing policy against the death penalty and this [documentary] is also a part of our campaign against the death penalty. We would like people that people who have been in conflict with the law – prisoners – are not beyond redemption.”

The ambassador said that her office has shared the documentary with the Kolbe Foundation and the wider Belizean public.

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