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CitCo arrears may cause BML to downsize

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Belize Maintenance Limited has avoided dismissing 50 employees on Monday, thanks to a payment from the Belize City Council on Friday.

The company may still find itself having to contemplate retrenching some workers next week, however, if the Council fails to make another payment by then.

The City Council made a payment for one week of work totaling $78,000 to BML which enabled the company to pay its employees. CitCo owes BML for an 18-week period in which Ellis says it has made no payments.

According to BML Owner, Lawrence Ellis, the outstanding dollar figure for the 18 weeks is about $1.3 million.

Ellis said that he has
made several attempts to meet with Mayor Darrel Bradley to resolve the issue but all attempts have proven futile.

According to Ellis, if the company didn’t receive at least one week payment by Friday at least 50 BML employees would have been sent home this coming Monday.

Ellis told reporters that there was a discussion between BML and CitCo to renew BML’s
contract and that he was surprised by Bradley’s comments that he would not renew BML’s contract.

Ellis said that Bradley’s
statements which, portray BML as a financial burden on CitCo are irresponsible and inaccurate.

Dennis Horne, a BML employee for the last 10 years he has no alternative if he loses his job with BML.

Helen Samuels, also a BML employee for the last 10 years also said that the loss of work would be a major blow to her household as she is a single mother trying to support her family.

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