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Buckley Freed

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Steven Buckley, who was shot in the head by police in 2010, was freed from prison on Friday morning when supporters cleared an outstanding debt he had with the court on a drug-related conviction. Buckley was confined to prison on Thursday for failure to clear his debt when police took him to court on a new charge.

People’s United Party Port Loyola standard bearer, Gilroy Usher and other anonymous supporters paid Buckley’s debt.

On Thursday, Buckley appeared in court to answer to a charge of marijuana possession, plead guilty and was fined $150, but was remanded when Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser discovered that he had owed the court another $360 for two previous marijuana possession charges.

Buckley said he felt that he is being targeted for suing the police for shooting him. According to Buckley, when he was arrested, police told him they will take everything back from him.

Buckley told the court he doesn’t smoke marijuana for recreational purposes, but to ease his pain as he has a bullet lodged in his lung.

Buckley said the amount weed police found on him was so minuscule that when weighed, it didn’t even read an amount. He alleged that a policeman pressed his finger on the marijuana to get a reading on the scale.

Buckley said the reason he didn’t pay the outstanding amount from the first two charges is because he has been having financial troubles since the $100,000, which was awarded to him from the government, has finished. Buckley said since his injury he has been unable to work and provide for his family.

Usher, who paid $155 toward Buckley’s court debt, also did some fund raising on Buckley’s behalf and managed to raise over $300 to present to Buckley on Friday after he reached home.

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