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BTL commits to better advertising

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has sworn to be more diligent with the type of advertising is carries out, after receiving complaints that their content is offensive to women.

Following a complaint from Senator Lisa Shoman, BTL committed to having a more stringent screening process when determining what type of advertisements make it on to the company’s social media platforms or otherwise.

In a statement issued by the company’s board of directors, BTL promised to “ensure that our team receives diversity sensitivity training among other supplemental training, which will aid to avoid the social media posts in question being repeated.”

The board also contested that they were uncertain who approved the ad for social media, but that the company would be more stringent in monitoring. BTL also took the time to publicly apologize to any of its customers and the larger Belizean public for any offense the ads may have caused.

After Shoman’s complaint on Tuesday, Executive Chairman of BTL and Member of the Board of Directors of BTL, Anwar Barrow, issued a preliminary response to Shoman, agreeing that the ads were in fact offensive and assuring that they had been removed from the company’s social media accounts.

Shoman had written detailing several of their recent advertisements which were either sexualizing women, or promoting violence against women when advertising one of DigiCell’s services.

One such social media ad contained the image of a young woman being bound and gagged with duct tape over her mouth and being forced to sit and watch TV with a male.

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