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BGYEA plans rally for June

By Alexis R Milan, Staff Reporter

The Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association has planned a rally set for June 8th at the Battlefield Park to raise awareness for the issue in Harmonyville as well as other national issues.

Nigel Petillo, BGYEA president told The Reporter that the decision to hold the rally was made at an emergency membership meeting on Sunday in Harmonyville.

Petillo explained that the idea behind the “Plant the Corn” rally is to raise awareness about a host of issues including the ongoing immigration scandal and illegal rosewood harvesting as well as other issues.

Petillo said that he hopes the rally will gain support from the unions as well as the general public and will empower people to take a stand.

According to Petillo, the purpose of Sunday’s meeting was to have the membership understand the significance of the injunction which the government filed. He added that all their members have decided to respect the court-ordered injunction and proceed in accordance with the law.

Petillo also encourageed BGYEA members to pay their fees for leases and titles because it has become apparent to the organization that they are being targeted by the government.

According to Petillo there were less than 50 members in attendance for Sunday’s meeting.

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