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Belize Volunteer’s Club teaching g youths about food security

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Belize Volunteer’s Club,  a community based organization, is partnering with other groups to teach the youth about food security through it’s Urband Gardens Project.

Under the project, the group will transform lots around the city into community gardens, which will be tended to by the school children of that community.

The first garden is being set up in the Lake Independence community, where the BVC expects to work closely with the students and teachers of St. Luke Methodist School.

BVC founder, Kadeem Bennett, told The Reporter that the garden would not only serve to benefit the participating students educationally, but also has economic potential as well.

“We can eat the fruit and vegetables we grow, we can sell them. The initiative presents many opportunities for these children while showing them that they can solve a lot of problems growing their own food”, Bennett said.

He added that a future goal of the project is to partner with farmers in the northern districts, to be able to have larger gardens on farm land.

The organization Emergent Corps has already begun working with the BVC.  The volunteers recently assisted the group “Together We Can Solve Hunger” with a food drive in Belize City.

That drive, Bennett said, we the inspiration for the Urban Gardens Project.

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