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Belize holds 11th CABO Youth Summit

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Youth representatives from five neighbouring countries were in Belize this past week for the 11th youth leader’s summit of the Central American Black Organization (CABO).

The three-day summit began on Thursday, gathering participants from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The delegates engaged in workshops at the University of the West Indies’ Open Campus compound in Belize City.

The delegates, along with several youth organizations in Belize, spoke on various issues affecting the youth population of all participating countries.

Those issues included: health and wellness, access to education, social equality, youth networking and youth leadership. The event ended with the delegates making a draft set of declarations on what all participating youth leaders pledge to champion within their own countries.

Jamal Reid, one of the coordinators for the summit, explained that the overall thrust of the event was to gain a better understanding of the realities facing youths throughout the participating territories, and to strengthen the youth response to the challenges that exist.

“What we hope to get out of this youth summit is better networking with each other”, Reid said.

“It’s to reach out to the afro-descendants within this Diaspora so that those from Belize and the partner countries can all be a part of a unified movement.”

The event also got some support from the Department of Youth Services, in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The Central American Black Organization (CABO) was founded in August 1995 in Dangriga, Belize. The primary purpose of our organization is to make visible the African presence in Central America. CABO fights against racial discrimination and seeks to build and promote solidarity amongst Afro-descendants in Central America.   

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