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BEL proposes to lower electricity rates

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has proposed to lower electricity rates by 10 percent.

In a submission this week to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) BEL offers, effective July, 2015, to lower the average electricity rate from 41.29 cents to 37 cents per kilowatt hour.

This would benefit customer who falls particularly within the social, residential and the commercial rate categories, with consideration also for the industrial category.

In addition, BEL also pledges to install more streetlights throughout the country, with emphasis on crime-ridden areas.

BEL, which just reduced rates by five percent at the start of the year, purchases about half of the energy that Belize consumes from Mexico’s Comercial Federal Electricidad (CFE) which has shifted its mode of power generation from diesel energy to the cheaper hydro-electricity and from natural energy.

The PUC will respond to BEL’s proposal within 21 days.

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