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Help Age Belize salutes “Golden” citizens

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

HelpAge Belize is encouraging Belizeans to honor the elderly during the upcoming celebration of Senior’s Week.

The week will be celebrated from September 26 to October 3 with the theme “Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment.”

HelpAge branches countrywide will hold events throughout the week to highlight not only the seniors themselves, but the ability to still positively contribute to national development.

The week will include activities such as “walkathons,” dance competitions, and a “day of pampering, which will include spa treatments and cosmetics.

A key event on the calendar is the “Art Fiesta” to be held in Benque Viejo del Carmen, where all HelpAge branches will come together to celebrate the elderly and showcase the craft works they have made.

Ivorine Bulwer, executive director of HelpAge, explained that the week is a time for citizens all over, but particularly policy makers, to consider what are the issues Belizean senior citizens face, and what can be done to include them better in national issues.

“We see in the legal field and in the public service persons are being utilized for their professional capabilities well beyond the age of 55.” Bulwer said. “So we see where the potential exists for the elderly to be used for national development, perhaps they can contribute to the tourism industry through the arts they make.”

She added that help age uses the opportunity to highlight issues such as accessibility of healthcare and health services, poverty and economic stability, housing, and a myriad of other issues affecting Belize’s elderly.

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