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Every little bit helps: community organizations hold

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

To assist needy families as well as the homeless with meals, the organization Together We Can Solve Hunger, and the Belize Volunteer’s Club are holding a dollar drive and food drive on Saturday at the Battlefield Park.

The drive, held with the theme “Give what you can”, emphasizing the value each donation holds, no matter how small.

Residents are asked to donate either a food item, be it bagged or canned goods, or a dollar to help support the organization’s activities.

Geraldine Mai, co-founder of Together We Can Solve Hunger, explained that the organization was formed to address a serious, but solvable social needs.

“I know what it’s like to not have anything to eat”, Mai said, “but people were there for me and now I want to give back.”

The organization has been operating since 2012, providing grocery assistance to single mothers and breakfast to the homeless six times a week. They also give lunch to the homeless on Sundays.

The Belize Volunteer’s Club, who got involved at Mai’s request, set up donation booths at stores such as Publics on Central American Boulevard, Williams Supermarket, Tow Tow Grocery, both Brodies locations in the city, and K Park Suoermarket, for supporters to make donations.

The event is the culmination of three weeks worth of advocacy for those who are struggling for a meal.

“Hunger is actually one of the easiest problems to solve, we have the resources, all we have to do is share”, Kadeem Bennett, founder of the BVC emphasized.

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